Talking Points

An impulse buy led to the start of a yacht charter company, and Evangeline Wong now oversees an all-male crew. -Her World
Alleged role of a single day trader in ‘flash crash’ suggests US and UK regulators are very late in the day. -BT
He believes in giving back to his staff and charity. -ST
If you ask fresh graduates where they want to work, they would usually cite Google, Facebook and other tech or multinational brands. -BT
The widespread use of digital devices paves the way for businesses to jointly offer connected suites of services people want. -BT
The Raffles Conversation. -BT
Starting up is hard to do - but it's oh so rewarding
Investment experts offer tips on how to grow an idea, make it work and when to exit. - ST
So you want to be a start-up boss
Have a clear business plan and a strong team in place from the get-go, experts advise. -ST
How hard disk drive sector lost its mojo
A small nation with no natural resources seeking compatible new industries for a long-term relationship and a cutting-edge technology looking for hard-working, reliable partners to help it take the next step forward. -ST
Nurturing the next leaders
Singapore companies should be more forward-looking and transparent about succession planning, as this will help them retain and attract talent amid the labour crunch. -ST