Prime Movers

Samuel Tsien, group CEO of OCBC Bank, is banking on the values and qualities of Everyman Sam to guide OCBC through the wake of the global financial crisis. -BT
Gas tycoon and taxi towkay started out earning just $30 a month sweeping floors. -ST
Ong Jun Quan is one of three second generation members of the Ong family taking over the reins from the founders of Soon Li Heng Civil Engineering. -BT
Founder Kevin Ong's four key points in driving his business forward are simplicity, focus, speed and scalability. -BT
Founder of Honour (Singapore) takes the MRT to his GIC office and does not get his secretary to run personal errands for him. -ST
Elite police officer quit his job to help wife run handbag business. -ST
Lam Soon Group's executive director Whang Shang Ying is the force propelling the company's brands into households. -ST
He runs his own company with a team of seven. -My Paper
School dropout's book on failures and successes has become a bestseller. -ST
Poverty, hunger drove a talented kampung girl to make a name for herself in fashion. -ST