Prime Movers

Mr Tan remembers his mother, an illiterate, regularly exhorting her six children: "Study hard and be successful. Don't let people look down on you." -ST
Preschool education provider opens its first school in Myanmar and expects its first school in Vietnam to be operational by September. -BT
Gryphon Tea founder Lim Tian Wee associates tea with memories to come up with new ideas. -ST
The uncommon everyman banker
Samuel Tsien, group CEO of OCBC Bank, is banking on the values and qualities of Everyman Sam to guide OCBC through the wake of the global financial crisis. -BT
Ambition, industry and a bit of luck
Gas tycoon and taxi towkay started out earning just $30 a month sweeping floors. -ST
A breath of fresh heir
Ong Jun Quan is one of three second generation members of the Ong family taking over the reins from the founders of Soon Li Heng Civil Engineering. -BT
Chewy Junior sets its sites right
Founder Kevin Ong's four key points in driving his business forward are simplicity, focus, speed and scalability. -BT
Superman, Yoda, change crusader: GIC's Lim Siong Guan
Founder of Honour (Singapore) takes the MRT to his GIC office and does not get his secretary to run personal errands for him. -ST
No more hang-up over handbags
Elite police officer quit his job to help wife run handbag business. -ST
Lam Soon Group's Whang Shang Ying, the master grocer
Lam Soon Group's executive director Whang Shang Ying is the force propelling the company's brands into households. -ST