Prime Movers

He runs his own company with a team of seven. -My Paper
School dropout's book on failures and successes has become a bestseller. -ST
Poverty, hunger drove a talented kampung girl to make a name for herself in fashion. -ST
Up to 100,000 gamers visit Garena Online each night to chat and battle it out. -ST
Veteran accountant and Singapore Land Authority chairman Chaly Mah has instilled in the statutory board a work ethic that engages the public. -BT
For someone deemed ultra rich, liew mun leong takes a down -to-earth approach to investing. -BT Wealth
Keong Saik Collab is a co-working space for locals by locals. -AsiaOne
Indonesian tycoon Mochtar Riady's determination to keep The Lippo Group growing is not driven by wealth, but a simple aim to do good for people and for the country. -BT
The couple themselves are "fanatical about saving", putting aside 80 to 90 per cent of their earnings. -My Paper
Tech boss says fortune favoured him but behind it was a lot of hard work. -ST