Prime Movers

Rounding up some of Singapore's best tech entrepreneurs both old and new. -Tech Storm
He had hoped to be a pilot but gave it up to run his father's stall. -ST
A growing number of local firms are venturing into the Iskandar development zone. -ST
This money will be used for expansion into overseas markets such as Japan, and eventually the rest of Asia and the US. -BT
It took a trade mission led by then Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew to turn Dr Robert Yap's company from local to global. -ST
AT Kearney chairman Johan Aurik has adopted several principles in his efforts to future-proof his organisation. -BT
Mr Tan remembers his mother, an illiterate, regularly exhorting her six children: "Study hard and be successful. Don't let people look down on you." -ST
Preschool education provider opens its first school in Myanmar and expects its first school in Vietnam to be operational by September. -BT
Gryphon Tea founder Lim Tian Wee associates tea with memories to come up with new ideas. -ST
The uncommon everyman banker
Samuel Tsien, group CEO of OCBC Bank, is banking on the values and qualities of Everyman Sam to guide OCBC through the wake of the global financial crisis. -BT