Dollars and Sense

Rental costs, manpower expenses and lack of demand for products and services can break a social enterprise. -ST
The site has since raised more than $1 million from investors and partners, and works with over 400 Asian and European hotels and resorts to offer flash-sale deals on top of their best available rates. -BT
For a month, 10,000 SMEs here will garner a higher profile for their advertisements beamed out on an electronic billboard in Raffles Place, and all for free. -BT
Mech-Power Generator's MD hopes sale will secure its future. - ST
When Mr Andrew Ing joined Lo & Behold as chief operating officer ,his first order of business was to revamp the company's human resource strategy. -ST
HP's Balanced Deployment approach of choosing printers to suit your business delivers higher productivity and lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO).
In choosing who to go to to meet your printing needs, consider the pedigree of the company. HP is a giant by any measure. This tech juggernaut produces products from mighty computer servers to nifty notebook computers. Choose a master - don't blindly copy others.
Printers and copiers are a blind spot in your business security. HP offers multifunction printers that are more secure plus options for more stringent needs.
Running costs for IT equipment in the office are often hidden and can escalate beyond control. With the KYOCERA range of printers, companies can reduce their spending significantly. -Advertising feature
Are there any government schemes to help SMEs finance the exclusive distributorship of a branded product? -ST