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Prime Movers

Warren Buffett's 9 key rules for running a business

"If you own your stocks as an investment - just like you'd own an apartment, house or a farm - look at them as a business." -CNBC

Why Singaporean Eddy Lee gave up Silicon Valley career to head home

View failure as a chance to learn, not a black mark, says S'porean. -ST

Nostalgic supper club

The success of two-decade-old Spize lies in its bursting menu of local and Western fare and the strong sense of loyalty it has cultivated among suppergoers. -ST

UOB invests $14m in Israel-based crowdfunding site

The Israel-based equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd allows start-ups to seek investments from a large number of investors. -CNBC

Dollars and Sense

Camaraderie key to CBRE's success

Due to growth of regional services hubbed in Singapore, the group's revenue here has quintupled over the past decade. -BT

Making a million before 30: Pauline Ng

Meet young local bosses who have built companies with more than $1 million in revenue annually. -ST

Making a million before 30: Lim Qing Ru

Meet young local bosses who have built companies with more than $1 million in revenue annually. -ST

Making a million before 30: Love and Bravery

Meet young local bosses who have built companies with more than $1 million in revenue annually. -ST

Talking Points

Three questions startups should ask

Startups may take on risks which they are reticent to address; asking themselves some questions might be edifying. -BT

Learn to go with the flow at a start-up

If you are looking to join the community of start-ups, take some time to ask yourself these important questions. -My Paper

The rising times of a tougher workforce in 2016

Times have been tough in the recent past, and they have got a lot tougher for the workforce of the future. What do these changing times with evolving business dynamics and rapid advancements in technology, demand from the Gen next? -AsiaOne

Top 5 collaboration trends for 2016

People-centred collaboration tools, user-driven innovation, and deeper use of analytics to prevail. -AsiaOne

Brand Me!

It takes a community to lift a brand

Yasmine Yahya speaks to Kki Sweets co-founder Delphine Liau about what makes her business unique and how she protects its brand. -ST

Simple, woody interiors for health food joint

Health food restaurant The Daily Cut promotes clean living, and its interiors have been designed to emphasise a clean and lean lifestyle. -AsiaOne

Abercrombie moves on from 'sex sells'

The American casual-wear brand has pulled the use of shirtless staff at its stores and for events. -My Paper

8-year-old girl earns $173,000 monthly from YouTube channel

8-year-old cooking and baking guru Charli draws an estimated US$127,777 in ad revenue every month - and that's after taking into account YouTube's cut of revenue. -AsiaOne

eBiz hub

Improving customer loyalty and offering rewards through play

How Advergames help online retailers increase customers in a competitive market. -AsiaOne

Local firm creates mobile app to detect fake goods

Anything can be faked, from bottles of wine to rare tea leaves, so a Singapore company has come up with a way for consumers to check whether their purchases are genuine. -ST

Creating a tech culture

BH Global sees the need to embrace e-commerce and innovative technologies. -BT
Duo turn fashion hobby into online business

Duo turn fashion hobby into online business

Self-taught fashionistas Gerald Shen and Diana Chan owns Vanda Fine Clothing, which sells pocket squares and neckties. -ST


Family-run SME races ahead with R&D

Rarely do family-run small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) employ futurists, but Wong Fong Engineering Works is way ahead of the curve. -ST

'Uber of home care' app bags top prize in $100k Challenge

A mobile app that aims to connect nurses and patients has won the $100,000 top prize in an entrepreneurial competition. -ST

How companies allow hackers to hijack their social media pages

Social media poses a costly security risk. -AsiaOne

Could tennis sensor be a masterstroke for players?

Local start-up launches device that can detect and record a player's performance. -ST