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Prime Movers

The uncommon everyman banker

Samuel Tsien, group CEO of OCBC Bank, is banking on the values and qualities of Everyman Sam to guide OCBC through the wake of the global financial crisis. -BT

Ambition, industry and a bit of luck

Gas tycoon and taxi towkay started out earning just $30 a month sweeping floors. -ST

A breath of fresh heir

Ong Jun Quan is one of three second generation members of the Ong family taking over the reins from the founders of Soon Li Heng Civil Engineering. -BT

Chewy Junior sets its sites right

Founder Kevin Ong's four key points in driving his business forward are simplicity, focus, speed and scalability. -BT

Dollars and Sense

Keeping a good cause afloat

Rental costs, manpower expenses and lack of demand for products and services can break a social enterprise. -ST

Great deals from The Luxe Nomad

The site has since raised more than $1 million from investors and partners, and works with over 400 Asian and European hotels and resorts to offer flash-sale deals on top of their best available rates. -BT

SingTel to give 10,000 SMEs free ad space

For a month, 10,000 SMEs here will garner a higher profile for their advertisements beamed out on an electronic billboard in Raffles Place, and all for free. -BT

Baby worth millions but parting is such sweet sorrow

Mech-Power Generator's MD hopes sale will secure its future. - ST

Talking Points

Starting up is hard to do - but it's oh so rewarding

Investment experts offer tips on how to grow an idea, make it work and when to exit. - ST

So you want to be a start-up boss

Have a clear business plan and a strong team in place from the get-go, experts advise. -ST

How hard disk drive sector lost its mojo

A small nation with no natural resources seeking compatible new industries for a long-term relationship and a cutting-edge technology looking for hard-working, reliable partners to help it take the next step forward. -ST

Nurturing the next leaders

Singapore companies should be more forward-looking and transparent about succession planning, as this will help them retain and attract talent amid the labour crunch. -ST

Brand Me!

Straight from the heart

BT Weekend talks to local designers who are putting their ideas on Singapore life and culture into their designs. -BT

Taking local designs global

BT Weekend talks to some local makers who get international exposure for their products and designs through online retail platforms such as Etsy and Naiise. -BT

Courts, Gong Cha among Singapore's most influential brands

Consumers in Singapore value convenience and price the most when it comes to giving support to a brand of products, a new survey has found. -AsiaOne

2 out of 3 experienced bad service in the past 6 months

At least half of all negative experiences have gone unnoticed by organisations. -AsiaOne

eBiz hub

Duo turn fashion hobby into online business

Self-taught fashionistas Gerald Shen and Diana Chan owns Vanda Fine Clothing, which sells pocket squares and neckties. -ST

How to look like an expert in your industry

Becoming the expert is a combination of having the correct image and doing the right things. Here are some tips from Pam Siow, the founder of Internet Biz Owners Club. -AsiaOne

Mums click with online trade

Some stay-home parents are doing online businesses related to the needs of their own children. -ST

3 in 4 banks and finance companies outsource functions overseas

A shortage of skilled workers and cost savings have led a majority of banks and finance companies in Singapore to turn to outsourcing some of their business functions overseas.


Mobile the driving force in online shopping

As devices become the main source of information gathering, consumers no longer interact with store personnel. -AsiaOne

The human factor in innovation

DBS' innovation honcho wants to build systems to fit the individual. -ST

The language conundrum in Chinese travel

For Singapore hotels, being able to communicate effectively with their Chinese guests is vital if they are to provide a high level of service.

Apple buys music star Beats for US$3 billion

Apple announced plans on Wednesday to buy Beats Music and Beats Electronics -AFP