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Prime Movers

28-year-old traded cushy law career for uncertainty of entrepreneurship

Kendra Liew decided to ditch her career as a lawyer and create an organic cosmetic line, affectionately named, Katfood. -Vulcan Post

77th street founder forges new path

What she has earned from 77th Street is more than enough to have her live out the rest of her life without lifting a finger. But she is not about to spend her days fishing, although it is a new obsession. -ST

Tiger, tiger burning bright

Tiger Balm may be an old brand but it embraces innovation as the way forward to the next 90 years. -BT

Warren Buffett's 9 key rules for running a business

"If you own your stocks as an investment - just like you'd own an apartment, house or a farm - look at them as a business." -CNBC

Dollars and Sense

Camaraderie key to CBRE's success

Due to growth of regional services hubbed in Singapore, the group's revenue here has quintupled over the past decade. -BT

Making a million before 30: Pauline Ng

Meet young local bosses who have built companies with more than $1 million in revenue annually. -ST

Making a million before 30: Lim Qing Ru

Meet young local bosses who have built companies with more than $1 million in revenue annually. -ST

Making a million before 30: Love and Bravery

Meet young local bosses who have built companies with more than $1 million in revenue annually. -ST

Talking Points

Trust your gut: Thin-sliced decisions may be better than deliberated ones

80 per cent of successful CEOs have a highly developed intuitive decision-making style. -Leaderonomics

The power of storytelling to connect authentically with customers

Storytelling is "the process of making a connection with the consumer first, and selling a product second." -Leaderonomics

Three questions startups should ask

Startups may take on risks which they are reticent to address; asking themselves some questions might be edifying. -BT

Learn to go with the flow at a start-up

If you are looking to join the community of start-ups, take some time to ask yourself these important questions. -My Paper

Brand Me!

It takes a community to lift a brand

Yasmine Yahya speaks to Kki Sweets co-founder Delphine Liau about what makes her business unique and how she protects its brand. -ST

Simple, woody interiors for health food joint

Health food restaurant The Daily Cut promotes clean living, and its interiors have been designed to emphasise a clean and lean lifestyle. -AsiaOne

Abercrombie moves on from 'sex sells'

The American casual-wear brand has pulled the use of shirtless staff at its stores and for events. -My Paper

8-year-old girl earns $173,000 monthly from YouTube channel

8-year-old cooking and baking guru Charli draws an estimated US$127,777 in ad revenue every month - and that's after taking into account YouTube's cut of revenue. -AsiaOne

eBiz hub

Real-estate investor homes in on home app

Ex-Cantopop star's Ohmyhome helps people sell, buy and rent HDB flats - of whatever value. -ST

Improving customer loyalty and offering rewards through play

How Advergames help online retailers increase customers in a competitive market. -AsiaOne

Local firm creates mobile app to detect fake goods

Anything can be faked, from bottles of wine to rare tea leaves, so a Singapore company has come up with a way for consumers to check whether their purchases are genuine. -ST

Creating a tech culture

BH Global sees the need to embrace e-commerce and innovative technologies. -BT


Family-run SME races ahead with R&D

Rarely do family-run small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) employ futurists, but Wong Fong Engineering Works is way ahead of the curve. -ST

'Uber of home care' app bags top prize in $100k Challenge

A mobile app that aims to connect nurses and patients has won the $100,000 top prize in an entrepreneurial competition. -ST

How companies allow hackers to hijack their social media pages

Social media poses a costly security risk. -AsiaOne

Could tennis sensor be a masterstroke for players?

Local start-up launches device that can detect and record a player's performance. -ST