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Latest News to build up website, launches credit card deals app announced is working on adding personal loans, insurance products and home loans features on its website, in partnership with several banks here. -BT

Prime Movers

Technology Rock Stars of Singapore

Rounding up some of Singapore's best tech entrepreneurs both old and new. -Tech Storm

Piloting a nasi lemak business

He had hoped to be a pilot but gave it up to run his father's stall. -ST

Finetuning a grand culture of precision

A growing number of local firms are venturing into the Iskandar development zone. -ST

Singapore medtech startup raises $1.37m

This money will be used for expansion into overseas markets such as Japan, and eventually the rest of Asia and the US. -BT

Dollars and Sense

Camaraderie key to CBRE's success

Due to growth of regional services hubbed in Singapore, the group's revenue here has quintupled over the past decade. -BT

Making a million before 30: Pauline Ng

Meet young local bosses who have built companies with more than $1 million in revenue annually. -ST

Making a million before 30: Lim Qing Ru

Meet young local bosses who have built companies with more than $1 million in revenue annually. -ST

Making a million before 30: Love and Bravery

Meet young local bosses who have built companies with more than $1 million in revenue annually. -ST

Talking Points

Prevention of future financial collapse difficult

Alleged role of a single day trader in ‘flash crash’ suggests US and UK regulators are very late in the day. -BT

Real estate boss homes in on adding value

He believes in giving back to his staff and charity. -ST

People issues the biggest and most complex challenge facing Singapore SMEs

If you ask fresh graduates where they want to work, they would usually cite Google, Facebook and other tech or multinational brands. -BT

It's time for businesses to build a 'we economy'

The widespread use of digital devices paves the way for businesses to jointly offer connected suites of services people want. -BT

Brand Me!

8-year-old girl earns $173,000 monthly from YouTube channel

8-year-old cooking and baking guru Charli draws an estimated US$127,777 in ad revenue every month - and that's after taking into account YouTube's cut of revenue. -AsiaOne

Sports start-up kicks off alternative game in 'boring' industry

The co-owners of The Sports Shack unanimously agreed on one word to describe the sports industry - "boring", so they took it upon themselves to transform the image of a sporting lifestyle in Singapore. -AsiaOne

Zooming ahead with technology

Bee Advantage addresses gaps in productive chains and proposes solutions accordingly. -BT

Going for Gold

Chung Tze Khit started with a mobile gym and now runs the biggest local chain of fitness gyms. -ST

eBiz hub

Improving customer loyalty and offering rewards through play

How Advergames help online retailers increase customers in a competitive market. -AsiaOne

Local firm creates mobile app to detect fake goods

Anything can be faked, from bottles of wine to rare tea leaves, so a Singapore company has come up with a way for consumers to check whether their purchases are genuine. -ST

Creating a tech culture

BH Global sees the need to embrace e-commerce and innovative technologies. -BT
Duo turn fashion hobby into online business

Duo turn fashion hobby into online business

Self-taught fashionistas Gerald Shen and Diana Chan owns Vanda Fine Clothing, which sells pocket squares and neckties. -ST


Could tennis sensor be a masterstroke for players?

Local start-up launches device that can detect and record a player's performance. -ST

Noble gets PWC to conduct assurance review

SGX welcomes bid to boost transparency after flak over the way Noble values its assets. -ST

Digital is the CEO's next battleground

Businesses that listen are the ones that are responding successfully to digital disruption and staying ahead of the pack. -AsiaOne

Samsung posts first annual profit decline in three years

Samsung Electronics, the world's largest smartphone maker, posted its first drop in annual net profit in three years. -AFP