Flying Stars feng shui for 2014

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*Flying Stars is a discipline in feng shui.

Another year is soon to pass. With the departure of the Water Snake's slow energy, we welcome the lively and powerful energy of the Wood Horse.

The Year of the Wood Horse signifies all the vitality, excitement and strength of its namesake, and brings a year filled with adventures and challenges. But before you go riding headfirst into the New Year, you may like to find out what Flying Stars the Horse will bring to your home this year.

Lucky and unlucky spots in your home this year

Prior to revealing the best sectors, we will dish out the unpleasant ones first as these are the ones you may want to pay close attention to so that you may know what to avoid in 2014.

The Northwest sector is probably the most dangerous sector as the #5 Yellow Star resides here this year.

For the safety of the property's occupants, you may want take great pains to keep this sector quiet and inactive due to the #5 Star's association with calamities, injuries and accidents. If avoidance is impossible, place metal objects made of copper, brass or iron to defuse the negative effects of the #5 Star - but do not aggravate this sector by performing any renovations or ground breaking.

Career predictions for the Year of the Horse

The #2 Black Star lands in the East sector, rendering it the illness sector. It will be another sector to shun, especially if you are pregnant. Inadvertently activating this sector will result in chronic sickness and health issues. In a strange twist however, this sector could be beneficial for property and real estate investments.

If you wish to avert any heated arguments, emotional upheavals and explosive tempers, then the Northeast and Southeast sectors are the ones to avoid. The #7 Red and #3 Jade Stars take residence in these sectors this year.

Those with existing health conditions should not use the Northeast sector or they may find their health deteriorating further. If the front door of your property is in this sector, you must be extra careful due to increased risk of burglary and theft.

Now that you know which bad sectors to be wary of, we can now explore the advantages of the beneficial sectors of 2014.

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