The family has carved out a space that is uniquely their own in the resale flat. -AsiaOne
Tropical resort meets industrial with a touch of country charm in this three-storey home in Sengkang. -Cromly
Chic, luxe and dreamy patterns fall in place perfectly, like patchwork, to create a fresh and fun look for this home. -Home & Decor
Donna Chow is so enamoured of the woods that she uses them as a leitmotif to create a 'woody wonderland'. . -BT
The garden home sits on a sprawling 72,414 square foot estate, and has a jaw-dropping 32 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms. -AsiaOne
With the tall open spaces and panoramic views, the interiors of this penthouse required a controlled hand for its interiors. -Home & Decor
Simple yet chic, this executive condo unit at Watercolours is worthy of a second look. -Cromly
This interior designer's home features several looks in various rooms, all unified by colour. -Home & Decor
For Winnie Chan and James Quan the top priority in the design of their apartment is that it should be functional and easy to clean. -BT
Material textures and a mix of personal knick-knacks give this industrial-style space a welcoming atmosphere. -Home & Decor