Thanks to built-in carpentry and streamlined designs, you can hardly spot the impressive amount of storage space in this apartment. -Home & Decor
Cafe lovers Lee Jia Yong and Jean Ho replicate the industrial-themed hangouts in their marital home. -ST
Choice materials, such as some very large floor tiles, went into creating the posh and contemporary look of this apartment. -Home & Decor
The interiors of this home are as impressive as its amazing views of surrounding greenery. -Home & Decor
Being the heart of the home, the kitchen has to be well-organised and pretty, no matter how small. -Cromly
The interior of this open-concept home for one was inspired by small, contemporary Japanese homes. -Home & Decor
Rich in materiality and texture, the design of this home shows that you can never have too much wood! -Home & Decor
Feline-friendly design and furnishings take centre stage in this colourful apartment. -Home & Decor
Tanjong Pagar Centre pips its nearest rivals by just 10 meters, with three other building in Singapore at 280 meters high. -CNBC
Who says you can't transform an HDB flat into a regal residence and live like royalty? -Cromly