This dwelling at The Interlace is an elegant home with a sweeping view of its lush surroundings and the sea beyond. -Home & Decor
You might be tempted to call out: “Waiter!” when you visit Mr Aeden Tang’s home. -ST
Placing a steam oven near a television set makes for an odd pairing. -ST
Due to their various motifs in various colors, they can change a room's atmosphere quickly and easily. -Yomiuri Shimbun/ANN
A shabby-chic aesthetic leads the mishmash of styles present in this home, which comes across as delightfully charming rather than disconnected. -Home & Decor
These elements from various decor styles were not what Jeri Tan and Bernard Wong initially envisioned their cosy four-room HDB flat to be filled with. -Home & Decor
Fascinating objects from all over the globe enhance every corner of this beautiful house, fusing its colonial charm with its occupant's engaging personality. -Home & Decor
"Your home should show your personality. You should surround yourself with things you love," says 40-year-old homeowner Sharon Teo. -Home and Decor
Creating the chic and cheerful look of this home took just five weeks, with all communication done over Whatsapp! -Home & Decor
Young couple created the perfect urban oasis that's cosmopolitan without being pretentious, and stripped-down without being nondescript, all on their first attempt. -Home and Decor