The photos reveal a luxurious mansion that has a sophisticated look and a modern feel. -AsiaOne
This tiny space was carefully designed to fit the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality – and still have plenty of room left! - Home & Decor
"The whole idea of having so many themes in our home is because we want to feel like we are traveling around the world." -Cromly
This old flat was transformed into a gallery-like abode to showcase the homeowner's creativity and style. -Home & Decor
This space for one is elegantly composed, featuring dark shades balanced out with wood elements and the colour white. -Home & Decor
Reflecting her ideas and her daughter's needs, the cosy design of her apartment has turned interior designer Sarah Tham into a homebody. -BT
Having space-saving, minimalist-style furniture is how this apartment made the most out of its small space. -Home & Decor
Three decorative pieces form a vignette on the floor: a photo frame, indoor plants positioned in front of three wooden planks, and a painting. This setup gives the place a more charming touch. -Cromly
It was first a sausage factory. Then it became a photography studio and post-production office, before two expats turned it into a stunning shophouse that they call home now. -Cromly
Royston envisioned his apartment as a blank canvas that allows him to change his environment whenever he likes, very much like living on a film set. -Home & Decor