Every day is a staycation for this couple, who designed their apartment to resemble a boutique hotel. -Home & Decor
The makeover turned the dark and cramped 3-storey house into a stunning home with light flowing through it. -AsiaOne
At the Tsao residence, there's none of the usual opulence one would associate with a multi-million dollar home as the family invests instead in green technology. -BT
Generous use of the light colour gives an illusion of a bigger space in this two-room flat. -ST
An arresting array of printed surfaces takes centre stage in this cosy apartment. -Home & Decor
This designer put a fun twist to storage compartments to create a practical yet unique family home! -Home & Decor
To make this industrial-style home look as authentic as possible, its designer used real bricks from old buildings! -Home & Decor
This dwelling at The Interlace is an elegant home with a sweeping view of its lush surroundings and the sea beyond. -Home & Decor
You might be tempted to call out: “Waiter!” when you visit Mr Aeden Tang’s home. -ST
Placing a steam oven near a television set makes for an odd pairing. -ST