Boomtime buyers now big losers

More than 800 condo units were resold at a loss this year as economy slows. -TNP

5 tips to save money on your first HDB flat

Here are some ways of ensuring that you buy a home which you can comfortably afford. -Dollars and Sense

Foreign demand for Singapore property to continue: JLL

The number of foreign buyers of private residential property in the first nine months of 2016 rose 11.7 per cent compared to the same period last year. -BT

United Engineers said to be assessing bevy of potential suitors

UEL's largest shareholders have started formally assessing buyer interest in the century-old property group. -BT

HDB housing options available for singles 35 and over

Turning 35 this year and still single? Here is a HDB property guide just for you! -Dollars and Sense

High Court approves Shunfu Ville collective sale

82 per cent of Shunfu Ville owners agreed to sell the 358-unit estate to Qingjian Realty last May, but five owners objected to the sale. -ST

How to avoid tenant trouble when renting out a flat

Planning to rent out or sublet your Housing Board flat? Arm yourself with the necessary know-how to better protect yourself as a landlord, and avoid common pitfalls. -Home & Decor

Banks drop some fixed-rate home loans amid interest rate uncertainty

Several banks are trying to ensure their margins are not squeezed by cheaply priced fixed-rate packages. -ST

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Dawson housing estate gets facelift with a touch of heritage

Stylish new BTO project unveiled, expert says prices of such flats will be competitive. -TNP

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Many Singaporeans now have the means to upgrade from an HDB to a condo. Here's how much you should prepare.

Boomtime buyers now big losers

More than 800 condo units were resold at a loss this year as economy slows. -TNP

More properties could be up for auction if interest rates bite

Most mortgagee listings this year have been properties in the core central region and the city fringe, with some in the suburbs. -ST

Buying property in Iskandar Malaysia: What Singapore investors need to know

10 years on, the Iskandar development continues to benefit from an influx of interest from foreign investors, but is it really a good to invest your money in? -Zuu Online