Manny Pacquaio's LA house selling for $3.65m

The mansion has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, including the master suite which comes with a balcony. -AsiaOne

Foreigners find gems in high-end condos

A HK businessman, a regional executive at Facebook and an Alibaba co-founder have all bought Singapore penthouses this year. -BT

Why are more and more Singaporeans complaining about their DBSS flats?

In real life, many Singaporean couples have opened the door to their new DBSS units only to find that its not what they thought it would be. -MoneySmart

3 mobile steps for finding the right home at the right price

Mobile apps digitize much of the traditional three-step process of finding a home: search, view, and negotiate. -SRX Property

Respite for prices of private apartments

Figures remain unchanged for June and July, but expert says this may be temporary lull before continuing decline. -ST

Malaysian developers tout weak ringgit as key selling point

Bearish view of currency remains, property oversupply also a concern. -BT

$20k grant to help families live closer

All families buying a flat near or with their parents or married children will receive the grant, regardless of income level and whether they have received housing subsidies before. -My Paper

New grant gives S'poreans $20,000 to buy flats with or near families

Under the new Proximity Housing Grant (PHG), eligible singles will also receive a grant of $10,000 if they buy a resale flat with their parents. -AsiaOne

Binjai Rise mortgagee-sale GCB sold for about $13m

A partially completed GCB at 15 Binjai Rise, has finally been sold - after two rounds of auctions and a tender. -BT

Mortgagee sales of larger homes on the rise

Experts point to smaller pool of buyers for prime properties and tougher lending rules. -ST

More flexible HDB flat options for elderly buyers

New scheme offers range of shorter leases; BTO units to be set aside to ensure supply. -ST

'Flexi' better for elder housing

Under the flexi scheme, buyers must choose a lease that will last them and their spouses until they are at least 95 years old. -ST

New HDB scheme: Call to let studio flat owners extend lease

Two-Room Flexi scheme should also allow third-timers to buy flats, say analysts. -ST

Housing market much cooler: Khaw

In the last few years, the Government rolled out a slew of measures to cool the property market, including the additional levy and loan curbs. -ST

A pet friendly castle in New Jersey seeks $21 Million

Decorated in the manner of Versailles, the mansion also has rooms dedicated to family dogs Prada, Fendi and Emilio Pucci, and a cat named Gucci. -WSJ

Half of Singaporeans ill-prepared to rebuild homes in event of fire

Do you know what options you have if your home is destroyed by a fire? -AsiaOne