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Sengkang housing project sets record in HDB quality assessment

The CONQUAS is the standard assessment system for the quality of building projects and the industry's national yardstick for construction quality. -AsiaOne


House of exhibits

The home of David Chua and Jeannie Ong is a showcase of their antiques, furnishings and items collected during their frequent travels abroad. -BT

Couple's clashing tastes marry perfectly in this home

Designers created a perfect design to marry the wife's love for baroque design with the husband's preference for a minimalistic home. -AsiaOne

New & improved

Almost everything but the outer shell of this home was altered in order to make the most of its space. -Home & Decor

Old condo unit transformed into sleek family home

Designers from Xin Concept saw great potential in the three-bedroom duplex with an area of over 2,000 sq feet. -AsiaOne