Singapore tops financial literacy index, beats 17 Asian markets

The survey polled consumers on three aspects of financial literacy: basic money management skills, financial planning and investment knowledge. -BT

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4 reasons why it's OK you are never going to be a millionaire

Being rich opens you up to a world filled with tons of privileges and luxuries, but not being able to reach a million shouldn't make one's life miserable.

3 things Singaporeans should do before jumping into investing

If you can't even satisfy the below criteria, you need to do so before you start investing your remaining money, since the amount you lose could completely wipe out whatever investment gains you make, unless you're the next Warren Buffet which let's face it, you aren't. -MoneySmart

Battle of the sexes: Are men or women better with money?

Just who is the superior sex when it comes to personal finance.

The power of two

Finance is a difficult subject for many couples to broach and it takes time before they feel comfortable discussing it. -ST

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'Market rate' for hongbaos in 2016 according to your income

According to the infographic, middle-income earners are expected to give a minimum of $8 to people they are not close to. -AsiaOne

Five things investors need to watch in China

Deepening concerns over the health of China's economy have sent the Shanghai Composite on a rollercoaster ride this week. And there may be more pain to come. -CNBC

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Leveraging design as capital in soft power

Singapore must continue to build its creative clout through a multi-pronged approach that engages citizens, businesses, tourists and investors. -BT