Good time to invest in USD

Recent data has also showed a rebound in goods production, housing construction, personal spending and goods consumption. -My Paper

Asian millionaires turn to independent wealth advisers

A growing number of Asia's millionaires are turning to independent wealth advisers, who offer professional advice for a fee. -AFP

Stock investment trends and tips for next 6 months

Better to focus on fundamentals rather than rely on ‘old sayings’. -ST

Rising Middle East tensions scare traders

Rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East have unnerved investors to the point that turnover plunged yesterday to its lowest level. -BT

Singapore investors 'cautiously confident'

Concerns about higher interest rates, slowdown in Chinese economy not dampening sentiment. -ST

Spending more does not make you happier

As we earn more, we spend more, but it's better to acquire experiences instead of things. -ST

Singapore SMEs are settling bills faster

Local companies are paying their bills seven days faster than they were in the first quarter of 2014. -BT

Income sources for retirees include CPF savings, insurance, stocks and annuities

Many Singaporeans do not know how to plan for their golden years, and some fear they are not earning enough to even start building a nest egg. -ST

S'pore investors top financial literacy survey

US centre put 13 questions to people in 16 countries to test their market smarts. -ST

Singapore workers falling short of retirement goals

Emerging affluent may not be able to retire on as much as they had hoped due to late start in financial planning. -AsiaOne

S'pore-listed Reits back in popularity

Icing on the cake is the scope to buy more assets. -ST

SGX gold contract: S'pore adds another brick to hub ambition

The growing golden ambitions of Singapore and China come at a time of structural changes. -BT

Bonds in high demand

But high entry barrier puts corporate issues out of reach of most retail investors. -ST

S'pore 'can be good impact investing hub'

Swiss banker says island state can give Geneva a run for its money in this growing investment field. -ST

Couples' retirement plans 'fall short'

Singaporean couples underestimate retirement period by 5.7 years, survey finds. -ST