Good time to invest in USD

Recent data has also showed a rebound in goods production, housing construction, personal spending and goods consumption. -My Paper

Asian millionaires turn to independent wealth advisers

A growing number of Asia's millionaires are turning to independent wealth advisers, who offer professional advice for a fee. -AFP

Stock investment trends and tips for next 6 months

Better to focus on fundamentals rather than rely on ‘old sayings’. -ST

Caught in spiral of card credit

Gambler who used more than 10 credit cards to settle debt had to borrow just to pay minimum sums. -ST

Rich S'poreans prefer to stash their wealth in cash

Poll shows more than a quarter of assets in cash and deposits, followed by stocks. -ST

Tech stocks are cool again with Alibaba listing

Besides big names like Apple, local tech firms have potential too. -ST

Younger generation uneasy about their finances

Majority of 1,000 surveyed lack deeper understanding of financial planning. -ST

Lowering the bar for investors keen on bonds

Plan for smaller lot sizes of 'seasoned' bonds useful, but safeguards still needed. -ST

New SGX trading rules: What you need to know

Regulations meant to curb speculation and level playing field. -ST

London calling, but less loudly now

Property launches here fewer due to new rules there; prices also lower due to smaller sizes. -ST

Easy credit: Lured in, can't get out

Last year, non-profit company Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) counselled 595 people under the age of 35 struggling with consumer debt. -TNP

Extreme need for speed

Short, sweet and swift is how today’s clients want information, says head of top investment firm. -ST

Young adults take to debit cards

Credit cards can be lethal weapons in the hands of anyone, but young people can be especially prone to the lure of easy money. -ST

Protect and grow your money for retirement

Having recently celebrated its 49th birthday, Singapore is a truly dynamic city that goes from strength to strength. -ST

Gold still a golden investment, but...

It is not necessarily a safer haven than other assets. -ST