Investor Profiles

Doctor credits her parents for inspiring her and her husband to invest in real estate. -ST
Social media strategist believes that one gains by helping others and building relationships. -ST
Udders co-founder's spending philosophy changes after dad's sudden death. -ST
33-year-old proves friends wrong by making a success of his business venture. -ST
He is a firm believer in property investments and timing the market for bargains. -ST
J's Salon founder's mum used all her 4-D winnings to pay for her overseas training. -ST
Alcohol is the latest sideline for celebrities. -TNP
Incident drove home importance of family support and insurance for businessman. -ST
Unit trust loss pushed uni teacher to investdirectly in products or stocks he understood. -ST
He turns to Reits after being burnt in a poor property investment at 33 and has not looked back since. -ST