Investor Profiles

He was an engineer for five years after graduation before leaving for a statutory board. -ST
Student Max Pang has a clear idea of his ideal life and works towards it. -BT
Our revamped Sunday Times Invest includes a new set of questions for Me & My Money, focusing on investment strategies and portfolios. This week, we talk to account manager Fiona Cher in the second of a four-part series on young people. -ST
His unit manages a student fund with virtual money, allowing the 50 students on the team to experiment with their approach to investments. -ST
Mr Samuel Wong, on the benefits of creating an investment portfolio early. -ST
Sixty-six per cent of respondents from Singapore indicated that they do not feel financially secure or financially savvy. -BT
Renowned investment guru Jim Rogers has said it before and he will say it again: His best investments are his two daughters, Hilton Augusta and Beeland Anderson. -ST
He adds that the background and appreciation of the challenges that an entrepreneur goes through help in making "judgments as to whether someone can go through all that. -ST
Finance was not his first calling, however. Mr Kuo, who spent his teenage years studying in Singapore, has a PhD in chemistry from Imperial College London. -ST
Ex-forex broker says her investment portfolio gives her the freedom to do what she wants. -ST