Investor Profiles

Investing in a combination of asset classes in a single investment portfolio – known as multi-asset investment – is here to stay. JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) managing director James Elliot tells Wong Siew Ying that is because investors are seeking more diversified exposure to different markets, as they assess their risk appetites and income needs. This is the latest in our series featuring fund managers and leading market experts. -ST
Tax adviser Kylie Luo focuses on finding different sources of revenue, and investing in properties is one of them. -ST
Entrepreneur’s love for investing and the people skills he picked up drive his business. -ST
Couple reins in spending by making sure one spouse seeks the other's nod before buying items worth over $500. -ST
Accountancy student Loh Yuan Bin began investing in stocks last year and with discipline, has built up a four-digit portfolio with 6 to 8 per cent return a year. -ST
Mr Deepak Gurnani quit school at 14 to work to clear his family's debts. From a loan of 500 rupees, he started his first business in his teens. -ST
He was an engineer for five years after graduation before leaving for a statutory board. -ST
Student Max Pang has a clear idea of his ideal life and works towards it. -BT
Our revamped Sunday Times Invest includes a new set of questions for Me & My Money, focusing on investment strategies and portfolios. This week, we talk to account manager Fiona Cher in the second of a four-part series on young people. -ST
His unit manages a student fund with virtual money, allowing the 50 students on the team to experiment with their approach to investments. -ST