Investor Profiles

The news that Howard Schultz is stepping down as Starbucks CEO reverberated through the business world. -CNBC
Ex-corporate lawyer's interest in business was piqued when he started investing at the age of 17. -ST
Projects include franchise offering over-the-counter accounting services and an online baby products mart. -ST
Self-taught stock investor has no problems doing data-crunching. -ST
Gwyneth Paltrow sees success as having a healthy gross margin, a percentage that shows how much money made on items sold through e-commerce business, Goop. -CNBC
She traded the luxury that comes with a successful Hollywood acting career for pitch meetings and business conference rooms. -CNBC
As retirement savings are a fundamental component in financial planning, recommendations include Central Provident Fund options. -ST
Founder of business financing platform has goals firmly in sight. -ST
It is hard to have staying power in the food and beverage (F&B) scene, given the way Singaporeans chase the latest trends in dining out, but Cheng Yew Heng has defied the odds, producing traditional rock sugar for almost seven decades. -ST