Investor Profiles

Tuition centre boss spurred by love for business and hunger to keep learning. -ST
Investment firm BlackRock’s retail head takes courses in parenting and marriage. -ST
CEO of Aviva S'pore consults financial planning experts for investment options. -ST
Fans may be used to local actor-host Paul Foster spouting lines on TV, but few know that behind those good looks lies a savvy investor. -ST
He runs his own company with a team of seven. -My Paper
Having been raised to be money-conscious, she tries to educate her kids the same way. -ST
Jazreel Low focuses on her business after shares, China property debacle. -ST
Entrepreneur banks on turning fun experience for customers into serious business. -ST
Charlie Lim's collection of seed carvings can fetch $1 million. -ST
Despite a comfortable background, hotel executive Jolene Chong has no qualms about getting her hands dirty. -ST