Investments and Savings

Money is at the root of pretty much everything Singaporeans are stressed about. -MoneySmart
Here were some budget cuts this teacher took to pay off his debts. -CNBC
The CPF Special Account gives a better rate of return than the Supplementary Retirement Scheme when adjusted for risk; but cash is locked up in the former. -BT
Middle and high income earners aren’t immune from financial stress. -MoneySmart
SSBs are superior to fixed deposits in almost every way. -The Fifth Person
Gains do not outweigh opportunity cost; contributing cash to the SA a better option to save for retirement. -BT
Grace Lim plans to venture into long-term investments, undergirded by her accountancy background. -BT
So you plan to sell that investment home and downgrade to free up retirement funds? Here’s why you might hit a snag
As a certified public accountant, Madam Goh knows a thing or two about finance. - NP
Losing around $100,000 of hard-earned savings when the share market crashed in the 1998 Asian financial crisis prompted Singtel employee to devise a safer way to build a nest egg. - ST