Investments and Savings

Wilmar remains an analyst 'top pick' for its cheap, historically-low valuations. -BT
Changes to the minimum board lots for shares have sparked an investor rush back into the market with the now-affordable blue chips being a major lure. -ST
Beginner investors should consider the illiquidity and high costs of investing in property and opt for stocks which are more affordable. -BT
More people are investing at a younger age due in part to the proliferation of investment clubs at universities and a plethora of online investment education resources. -ST
Investors and second-hand dealers scour local auctions for bargains that range from apartments to jewellery. -TNP
Units will form one of region’s largest integrated urban solutions providers. -ST
Singapore investors are worried about the financial security of the next generation. -ST
Indonesia posted an unexpected surplus in January after imports slumped. -The Star/ANN
Biggest quota holder records $256m net capital inflow this week for ETFs. -China Daily/ANN
China share markets posted their third straight day of losses. -Reuters