Investments and Savings

Asia property market 'to pick up in 2015'
Institutional investors who are under-invested in Asia will seek to "rebalance their allocations". -ST
More CPF flexibility under study: Minister
Option of varying savings, payouts raised ahead of review panel's report. -ST
CPF returns attractive versus risk: Institute of Policy Studies
20-year returns of 5.7 per cent per annum similar to portfolio of 60 per cent equities and 40 per cent bonds, but with lower risk. -BT
S Korea reforms FEZs to take on HK, Singapore
South Korea is restructuring its free economic zones (FEZs) through deregulation and reform, and is poised to surpass Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of FDI attraction. -China Daily/ANN
The business of retirement
Online, microsites have been created to give people simple frameworks to plan for retirement around, such as estimating their retirement expenses and figuring out how much income their current savings will provide. -BT
How much is your net worth?
You can quantify your net worth or the true state of your finances with a tried-and-tested formula. -The Star/ANN
Majority unprepared for retirement: Survey
Many hope to retire comfortably but only a minority are actually taking tangible steps to meet that goal, the survey of 1,000 Singaporeans and permanent residents. -ST
Dad lost money, son found financial smarts
Accountancy student bucked up in studies after his father's business went bust. -ST
Nine ways to invest as a family
Any approach to family investing should reflect the history, goals, personalities and culture of the family. -BT
Live within your means - whatever you earn
It is not easy to apply this principle, but this is the key to growing one's savings. -ST