Investments and Savings

A survey found that millennials are actually keen on investing but don't know how to go about doing just that.
Gold is a valuable commodity however, it no longer has as much importance as it once did. What are other items which appreciate over time we can invest in? -Vulcan Post
If parents are going to continue spending as much as they can afford on their kids, child-rearing will always be expensive regardless of their income. -MoneySmart
Retirement is not as simple or cheap as most Singaporeans imagine due to unforseen circumstances, and CPF savings won't be enough. -The Fifth Person
Set out a roadmap containing all the steps and figures you need to take to achieve financial independence. -MoneySmart
There is a fine line between maximising your money and just being cheap. -MoneySmart
Joint accounts can be incredibly convenient for couples, but things can go sour if either party lacks discipline, has terrible spending habits or isn't entirely truthful.
If you're serious about changing your spending patterns, not just this month but for life (or at least until you strike Toto), you need to change your entire perspective on who you are, how you behave and how you think about money. -MoneySmart
You would have been better off if you had invested with your heart than with your head last year. -BT
But as an adult, the consequences of being forgetful are far worse-they can cost you your hard-earned cash. Here are six ways forgetfulness gets expensive in Singapore. - MoneySmart