Investments and Savings

Whether or not to pay off your debt depends on what you owe, how much you owe and what your investment plans are. -The Fifth Person
Decide on your retirement lifestyle first to have an idea of how much you need to spend your sunset years purposefully. -ST
Post-Secondary Education Account can be a big help, but don’t bank on it as sole solution. -ST
Here are four things that might actually go some way towards convincing the brightest Singaporeans to pick entrepreneurship. - MoneySmart
Here are 10 tips to recover financially from divorce and take control of your finances.
There are far easier and far more sensible ways to spend less, such as the following. -MoneySmart
2.5 per cent and 4 per cent is certainly better than you will generate in most savings accounts in Singapore.
Are you anything but thrifty?
Years ago, scientists discovered that spending on experiences instead of material goods makes you happier. -BT