Investments and Savings

The best time to start building a nest egg is when workers are in their 20s, say experts. -ST
For risk-averse investors seeking decent returns, there are still places to bet your money on. -ST
But high entry barrier puts corporate issues out of reach of most retail investors. -ST
Watching people's spending habits can provide clues to what to invest in. -ST
Singaporean couples underestimate retirement period by 5.7 years, survey finds. -ST
Besides saving for the future, young couples starting a family should consider more protection for their homes, . -My Paper
To fund a comfortable retirement, you will need top-ups from your own investments. -ST
It depends on whether you prefer to collect payouts from age 65 or you want to wait until you are 90. -ST
The less correlated the assets are in your portfolio, the more efficient the trade-off between risk and return, says expert. -ST
A restructuring of the bus industry is under way -ST