Investments and Savings

Many Singaporeans would like to retire as soon as possible while maintaining their standard of living but how much retirement income is enough. -MoneySmart
Being a cheapskate won't give you financial security. -The Fifth Person
Underneath the cute demeanour of the Pokemon and overall fun factor of the game, there are actually some lessons that can be gathered about investing principles. -Dollars and Sense
For businesses to thrive, they need to understand that the consumption habits of the internet generation is different from that of the previous generation. -MoneySmart
Inspired by the idea of retiring early, the husband-wife duo with two kids vowed to build a portfolio of US$1 million (S$1.34 million) and no debt by February 2017. -CNBC
It's really up to us whether we want to take charge of our lives and save ourselves from getting buried under mountains of debt that can potentially destroy us.
Ask Singaporeans what's the number one thing they need for retirement, and the obvious answer will be money. -MoneySmart
Shopping discount cards are quite common in Singapore, where one of the national pastimes is shopping, at least for the ladies. -
All that glitters is not (necessarily) gold. -Dollars and Sense
Celebrities joining venture capital investments and startups has become a very significant trend in the fast-growing private equity market in China over the past 12 months. - China Daily/ Asia News Network