Investments and Savings

Leading a budget-conscious lifestyle may not be a bad thing at all as you get to save money. Plus, it doesn't necessarily entail a steep dip in your quality of life, if any.
Figures show their reserve buffers can support payouts. -BT
Love it or loathe it, the CPF is something that all Singaporeans and PRs have to accept as a way of life here. -Fifth Person
The author of financial best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad has some unusual advice for millennials in his new book: Saving is for losers. -CNBC
Even if you managed to succeed in satisfying the twin requirements of buying a home and paying for a fancy wedding, that doesn't mean your money issues are over. -MoneySmart
According to the Credit Bureau Singapore, the total number of delinquent debtors hit more than 101,490 this year. -TNP
Here are three common money fears Singaporeans have, and how to deal with them. -MoneySmart
There is certainly no shortage of bad news to keep even the most battle-hardened investor awake at night. -ST
There's a fine line between helping your family members out economically, and giving them a no-holds-barred ticket to the high life. -MoneySmart
How much money you can save really depends on the amount of time at your disposal. -MoneySmart