Investments and Savings

Ask Singaporeans what's the number one thing they need for retirement, and the obvious answer will be money. -MoneySmart
Shopping discount cards are quite common in Singapore, where one of the national pastimes is shopping, at least for the ladies. -
All that glitters is not (necessarily) gold. -Dollars and Sense
Celebrities joining venture capital investments and startups has become a very significant trend in the fast-growing private equity market in China over the past 12 months. - China Daily/ Asia News Network
Living paycheck to paycheck is not only stressful - it's dangerous. Here's how to stop and turn your finances around. -The Fifth Person
A survey found that millennials are actually keen on investing but don't know how to go about doing just that.
Gold is a valuable commodity however, it no longer has as much importance as it once did. What are other items which appreciate over time we can invest in? -Vulcan Post
If parents are going to continue spending as much as they can afford on their kids, child-rearing will always be expensive regardless of their income. -MoneySmart
Retirement is not as simple or cheap as most Singaporeans imagine due to unforseen circumstances, and CPF savings won't be enough. -The Fifth Person
Set out a roadmap containing all the steps and figures you need to take to achieve financial independence. -MoneySmart