Healthcare costs are expected to continue its uptrend for years to come.
Contrary to popular thinking, it is the rich people or the rich companies, that may actually need insurances most. -Dollars and Sense
Recently we received a question from a user about buying an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) for his mother. -
There are certain types of private insurance that are highly advisable no matter what you do in life. - MoneySmart
With the ever-increasing premium, some may start making use of our private medical insurance rationalizing that we have "already paid for it".
Premiums for health insurance or Integrated Shield Plans will rise with age regardless of when you take out the policy, so it doesn't really matter when you apply for one. -MoneySmart
LIA said the site had crashed due to "overwhelming response". -AsiaOne
Read the fine print on health insurance policies - failing to do so or not keeping up with changes can hurt your pocket. -ST
One of the most popular life insurance options among Singaporeans today is the term life policy. That's because term life insurance offers more flexibility and much lower premiums than whole life policies. -MoneySmart
If you've ever been in a situation where you've not understood a word your financial advisor is saying when they're explaining different policy details to you (myself included), this online portal might help. -MoneySmart