Allianz Vie fined 50 mln euros by financial watchdog. -Reuters
Online, microsites have been created to give people simple frameworks to plan for retirement around, such as estimating their retirement expenses and figuring out how much income their current savings will provide. -BT
You can quantify your net worth or the true state of your finances with a tried-and-tested formula. -The Star/ANN
Many hope to retire comfortably but only a minority are actually taking tangible steps to meet that goal, the survey of 1,000 Singaporeans and permanent residents. -ST
Rental flat residents asked to type SingPass details into insurance agent’s iPad to buy policies. - TNP
Aviva's whole life plan allows customers the flexibility to put their premiums on hold if they lose their job, with no interest or penalty charges. -Advertising feature
It will work with players to build up capabilities to achieve 2020 goal. -BT
Financial stability in retirement begins with early planning and involves more than just basic insurance coverage. -My Paper
In this second instalment of a six-part series brought to you by Manulife Singapore, the issue of preparing for retirement at different stages of your life is explored. -My Paper
Given life's unpredictability, it is imperative that one is prepared for unforeseen circumstances. -My Paper