Credits and Loans

Single mom spent $7k on $4k pay
During the festive season from Christmas through to Chinese New Year, her monthly borrowings could top $10,000. -ST
The business of retirement
Online, microsites have been created to give people simple frameworks to plan for retirement around, such as estimating their retirement expenses and figuring out how much income their current savings will provide. -BT
How much is your net worth?
You can quantify your net worth or the true state of your finances with a tried-and-tested formula. -The Star/ANN
Enhanced report to help consumers understand credit status
The revamped credit report will make it easier for people to track their debt and credit limits. -My Paper
Caught in moneylenders' web of late fees
Borrowers lured by 'cheap' loans get stuck in debt spiral. -ST
Seek help early, unsecured credit borrowers urged
The organisation says it is planning to hire more staff and upgrade its IT systems for the potential influx. -ST
Having just enough plastic is fantastic
Get discounts and more, but you need to play your cards right. -ST
26 celebrities who went from rich to broke
When celebs go from mere nobodys to earning $60 million a year, they often find themselves struggling to keep up. -AsiaOne
Easy credit: Lured in, can't get out
Last year, non-profit company Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) counselled 595 people under the age of 35 struggling with consumer debt. -TNP
So easy to spend, so hard to pay up
He is well-educated and only 29 years old, but Mr Tan has already racked up $85,000 in debt. -TNP