Credits and Loans

When celebs go from mere nobodys to earning $60 million a year, they often find themselves struggling to keep up. -AsiaOne
Last year, non-profit company Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) counselled 595 people under the age of 35 struggling with consumer debt. -TNP
He is well-educated and only 29 years old, but Mr Tan has already racked up $85,000 in debt. -TNP
Credit cards can be lethal weapons in the hands of anyone, but young people can be especially prone to the lure of easy money. -ST
Lack of self-control and a fear of appearing tight or stingy in front of your friends are some reasons for "social debt". -The Star/ANN
Decide on a home loan which is harmony with your financial conditions. -iMoney
These career women have worked for years in well-paid jobs... so why can’t they even afford bus fare home? SASHA GONZALES looks at why 30-something high-flyers have zero savings and a mountain-load of debt. -Her World
Here is an easy step-by-step breakdown of the process involved in taking a bridging home loan. -AsiaOne
Borrowers should do their sums and assess all options before picking a package. -ST
They spend money like they’re minting it, but their partners have no idea they’re heavily in debt. -TNP