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Investment and Savings

3 things to watch out for as an accredited investor

As a person who has net personal assets in excess of S$2 million, accredited investors should know that they lose some important protection that retail investors take for granted.

5 vices that cost Singaporeans big money

Leading of vice can also get pretty expensive, so try to reduce the incidences of indulging in the following. -MoneySmart

5 things Singaporeans should always buy on the cheap

Here are 5 things you don’t need to overspend on. -Dollars and Sense

What Singaporeans need to know about the revamped CPF Investment Scheme

The fact is, the CPF Investment Scheme is a good idea, just one that is could be better executed. -MoneySmart

Credits and Loans

3 money ruts Singaporeans often find themselves in, and how to get out

Have you ever had the feeling that you were just running in place on the great hamster wheel of life? -MoneySmart

The unseen perils of living paycheck to paycheck

Many Singaporeans assume that people who have trouble saving on a monthly basis are low-income earners. -MoneySmart

4 reasons banks reject credit card applications

According to statistics from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, there are 8,001,210 main credit cards and 1,476,024 supplementary cards circulating in Singapore at the end of February 2016. -

4 basic things to know about credit card debt

How many credit card holders in Singapore carry a debt? Well, data from the Singapore Credit Bureau revealed that 1 out of 5 credit card users in Singapore in 2014 only paid the minimum sum on their credit cards.


Why even billionaires like Elon Musk need insurance

Contrary to popular thinking, it is the rich people or the rich companies, that may actually need insurances most. -Dollars and Sense

Should I get an Integrated Shield Plan for my elderly mother?

Recently we received a question from a user about buying an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) for his mother. -

3 types of insurance policies Singaporeans should consider

There are certain types of private insurance that are highly advisable no matter what you do in life. - MoneySmart

What can you do about the ever-increasing Medishield premiums

With the ever-increasing premium, some may start making use of our private medical insurance rationalizing that we have "already paid for it".

Investor Profiles

Jace of many trades

Projects include franchise offering over-the-counter accounting services and an online baby products mart. -ST

Poor in maths, good with numbers

Self-taught stock investor has no problems doing data-crunching. -ST

How actress turned entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow measures success

Gwyneth Paltrow sees success as having a healthy gross margin, a percentage that shows how much money made on items sold through e-commerce business, Goop. -CNBC

What actress Gwyneth Paltrow learned from becoming a business executive

She traded the luxury that comes with a successful Hollywood acting career for pitch meetings and business conference rooms. -CNBC