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Investment and Savings

16 smart money-saving hacks you must know

Leading a budget-conscious lifestyle may not be a bad thing at all as you get to save money. Plus, it doesn't necessarily entail a steep dip in your quality of life, if any.

Most life insurers are in position to pay out non-guaranteed bonus

Figures show their reserve buffers can support payouts. -BT

How to earn 6 per cent returns 'risk-free' from your CPF

Love it or loathe it, the CPF is something that all Singaporeans and PRs have to accept as a way of life here. -Fifth Person

Rich Dad Poor Dad author: Why millennials shouldn't save

The author of financial best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad has some unusual advice for millennials in his new book: Saving is for losers. -CNBC

Credits and Loans

Is income tax in Singapore really high?

Singapore uses what is known as a progressive income tax rate. That means that those who earn more, get taxed a higher percentage of their income. -MoneySmart

How to deal with the legal limits of debt collectors

If you've had trouble paying your bills, you might be the recipient of unwanted attention from a debt collector. -MoneySmart

The impact of housing credit on personal bankruptcy

Given the expectation of low interest rate in the near future, many homes are purchased with floating-rate mortgage debt. -ST

3 reasons why banks are rejecting your home loan

Due to MAS cooling measures, home loan rejections are on the rise. So be prepared, but not discouraged if you get one. -MoneySmart


Don't make these basic financial mistakes. I did.

Read the fine print on health insurance policies - failing to do so or not keeping up with changes can hurt your pocket. -ST

Term life insurance figure out what coverage you need

One of the most popular life insurance options among Singaporeans today is the term life policy. That's because term life insurance offers more flexibility and much lower premiums than whole life policies. -MoneySmart

Here's what you need to know before using the compareFIRST insurance platform

If you've ever been in a situation where you've not understood a word your financial advisor is saying when they're explaining different policy details to you (myself included), this online portal might help. -MoneySmart

Picking life insurance plans easier with portal

Consumers can compare products and make direct purchase. -ST

Investor Profiles

A love affair with property

Tax adviser Kylie Luo focuses on finding different sources of revenue, and investing in properties is one of them. -ST

Spreading exposure with a range of assets

Investing in a combination of asset classes in a single investment portfolio – known as multi-asset investment – is here to stay. JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) managing director James Elliot tells Wong Siew Ying that is because investors are seeking more diversified exposure to different markets, as they assess their risk appetites and income needs. This is the latest in our series featuring fund managers and leading market experts. -ST

Putting his money into what Grabz him most

Entrepreneur’s love for investing and the people skills he picked up drive his business. -ST

Entrepreneur 'needs wife's approval' for big purchases

Couple reins in spending by making sure one spouse seeks the other's nod before buying items worth over $500. -ST