Personal Finance

Investment and Savings

Nine ways to invest as a family

Any approach to family investing should reflect the history, goals, personalities and culture of the family. -BT

Live within your means - whatever you earn

It is not easy to apply this principle, but this is the key to growing one's savings. -ST

Top 5 offshore renminbi investments

Here are top five renminbi-denominated offshore investments based on their popularity. -China Daily/ANN

Investing in stocks for your children

There are many types of investments to choose from - but for those willing to take the plunge - investing in the stock market for your children can be truly rewarding. -The Star/ANN

Credits and Loans

Seek help early, unsecured credit borrowers urged

The organisation says it is planning to hire more staff and upgrade its IT systems for the potential influx. -ST

Having just enough plastic is fantastic

Get discounts and more, but you need to play your cards right. -ST

26 celebrities who went from rich to broke

When celebs go from mere nobodys to earning $60 million a year, they often find themselves struggling to keep up. -AsiaOne

Easy credit: Lured in, can't get out

Last year, non-profit company Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) counselled 595 people under the age of 35 struggling with consumer debt. -TNP


Give us your passwords

Rental flat residents asked to type SingPass details into insurance agent’s iPad to buy policies. - TNP

MAS: Conditions ripe for S'pore to become global insurance hub

It will work with players to build up capabilities to achieve 2020 goal. -BT

What the expert says

Financial stability in retirement begins with early planning and involves more than just basic insurance coverage. -My Paper

A well-covered family is a happy one

In this second instalment of a six-part series brought to you by Manulife Singapore, the issue of preparing for retirement at different stages of your life is explored. -My Paper

Investor Profiles

Secrets for SME success

They can improve growth through continuous learning and innovation. -tabla!

At 23, NSF is already a stock market veteran

Self-taught investor admits to mistakes but is driven by passion. -ST

When the fish smells of money, invest in it

Interior design firm owner's passion in rearing fish reaps monetary gains. -ST

High-flier cherishes her childhood dream

Ex-bonds trader aims to buy one property a year and hopes to retire early so she can go volunteering. - ST