Personal Finance

Investment and Savings

6 educational courses in Singapore that will help you save a lot of money

Here are some DIY courses that can help reduce the cost of living and make you a more self-reliant person. -MoneySmart

5 better things you should be doing with your NS pay

Instead of splurging your NS pay, here are five constructive things you can do with it. -MoneySmart

Jumpstart your emergency fund before its too late

Maintaining an emergency fund is the very least you can do, because it's the one thing that can save you from falling into debt or finding yourself out on the streets if something unfortunate should happen. -MoneySmart

Having trouble paying your bills? Here's what to pay first

While you definitely need to figure out how to make ends meet, in the interim, tackle your bills in this order to minimise damage. -MoneySmart

Credits and Loans

3 painful home loan mistakes to avoid

How can taking out a home loan possibly be any more painful that it is now? -MoneySmart

Loan application rejected? Here’s 6 ways to get your act together

If you've got such a bad credit rating even the loansharks don't want to lend you money, it's time to take steps to redeem yourself. -MoneySmart

Here's what you need to know about qualifying for a personal loan

Here are seven things you need to satisfy to be eligible for a personal loan. -MoneySmart

Credit cards made gambling ‘too easy’

A former problem gambler is candid about how he sank deep into debt from gambling. -ST


Picking life insurance plans easier with portal

Consumers can compare products and make direct purchase. -ST

Insurance to be even more accessible soon

Consumers can compare products, bypass agents for basic policies. -ST

Compare insurance plans on Web aggregator soon

The much-anticipated move to allow consumers to compare life insurance products without engaging a middleman is expected to begin next month. -My Paper

Health insurance launched for students

Home-grown insurer EQ Insurance has launched a hospitalisation plan for students. -ST

Investor Profiles

In the business of teaching kids about money

Growing up in poverty made financial practitioner appreciate value of money. -ST

Desperation led to inspiration

A $70,000 debt drove Welson Ang to start a printing firm; he now has a cafe chain too. -ST

'I made a lot of textbook mistakes'

Student Ronald Sim made some classic errors when he started investing, like selling in a panic or buying on a tip. -BT

Taking the right steps for business

Dance school founder Felix Huang believes that profits will come if you do things right. -ST