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4 reasons why it's OK you are never going to be a millionaire

Being rich opens you up to a world filled with tons of privileges and luxuries, but not being able to reach a million shouldn't make one's life miserable.

Investment and Savings

4 crucial considerations if you're thinking of opening a joint account

Joint accounts can be incredibly convenient for couples, but things can go sour if either party lacks discipline, has terrible spending habits or isn't entirely truthful.

4 ways Singaporeans can change their behaviour so they spend less

If you're serious about changing your spending patterns, not just this month but for life (or at least until you strike Toto), you need to change your entire perspective on who you are, how you behave and how you think about money. -MoneySmart

Passion investing a better bet in 2015

You would have been better off if you had invested with your heart than with your head last year. -BT

6 ways being forgetful causes Singaporeans to waste tons of money

But as an adult, the consequences of being forgetful are far worse-they can cost you your hard-earned cash. Here are six ways forgetfulness gets expensive in Singapore. - MoneySmart

Credits and Loans

4 basic things to know about credit card debt

How many credit card holders in Singapore carry a debt? Well, data from the Singapore Credit Bureau revealed that 1 out of 5 credit card users in Singapore in 2014 only paid the minimum sum on their credit cards.

4 unavoidable costs Singaporeans incur during Chinese New Year

A bit of advance planning can save us some money during this Chinese New Year -MoneySmart

4 things Singaporeans waste money on during Chinese New Year

4 ways Chinese New Year cost us unreasonable amounts of money. -MoneySmart

Is income tax in Singapore really high?

Singapore uses what is known as a progressive income tax rate. That means that those who earn more, get taxed a higher percentage of their income. -MoneySmart


What can you do about the ever-increasing Medishield premiums

With the ever-increasing premium, some may start making use of our private medical insurance rationalizing that we have "already paid for it".

Is it too late if your aging parents don't have health insurance?

Premiums for health insurance or Integrated Shield Plans will rise with age regardless of when you take out the policy, so it doesn't really matter when you apply for one. -MoneySmart

Website for unclaimed life insurance back online a day after crash

LIA said the site had crashed due to "overwhelming response". -AsiaOne

Don't make these basic financial mistakes. I did.

Read the fine print on health insurance policies - failing to do so or not keeping up with changes can hurt your pocket. -ST

Investor Profiles

Investing is in his blood for NUS undergrad

Mr Phua comes from a family of investors. -NP

Age is just a number for money-smart law student

Only 24, he has moved from forex trading to being an angel investor, with four start-ups under him. -ST

DirectHome founder unfazed by haters

Ex-property agent upsets former colleagues with his portal for DIY real estate transactions. -ST

Starting young, starting early: 3 stories of smart investing

Between juggling school work, social life and social media, three students set aside time to make their money work for them. -ST