Personal Finance

Investment and Savings

Investors go for student units in Britain

Such accommodation is popular with S'pore investors due to its low entry prices, high rental yields. -ST

Cost to retire in future: $1 million

With inflation and longer lifespans to take into account, start saving now. -ST

How to stay ahead as era of ultra-low interest rates fades

Experts recommend buying developed market equities and short-term bonds. -ST

How to avoid retirement blues

Living modestly and spending more time managing your finances will pave the way toward a comfortable retirement. -ST

Credits and Loans

35 and flat broke!

These career women have worked for years in well-paid jobs... so why can’t they even afford bus fare home? SASHA GONZALES looks at why 30-something high-flyers have zero savings and a mountain-load of debt. -Her World

Can home loans bridge the gap between financial dreams and reality?

Here is an easy step-by-step breakdown of the process involved in taking a bridging home loan. -AsiaOne

Refinancing that home loan on many a to-do list

Borrowers should do their sums and assess all options before picking a package. -ST

$ecret $quanders

They spend money like they’re minting it, but their partners have no idea they’re heavily in debt. -TNP


Give us your passwords

Rental flat residents asked to type SingPass details into insurance agent’s iPad to buy policies. - TNP

MAS: Conditions ripe for S'pore to become global insurance hub

It will work with players to build up capabilities to achieve 2020 goal. -BT

What the expert says

Financial stability in retirement begins with early planning and involves more than just basic insurance coverage. -My Paper

A well-covered family is a happy one

In this second instalment of a six-part series brought to you by Manulife Singapore, the issue of preparing for retirement at different stages of your life is explored. -My Paper

Investor Profiles

Savvy doctor gets passive income from property

Doctor credits her parents for inspiring her and her husband to invest in real estate. -ST

To get 'good returns', be the first to give

Social media strategist believes that one gains by helping others and building relationships. -ST

Life is short, enjoy good times now

Udders co-founder's spending philosophy changes after dad's sudden death. -ST

Quitting EDB job not crazy after all

33-year-old proves friends wrong by making a success of his business venture. -ST