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Investment and Savings

5 worst money mistakes to make in your 30s

By the time you are 30, marriage plans, having a child and paying for a home loan all require careful financial planning.

The fish tank theory of investing

The Chinese spring festival can mean different things to different people. For some, it is chance to share some of the prosperity they have accumulated over the year by distributing it to the young in the form of red packets. -ST

Changes to CPF Retirement Account: Building up your nest egg together

This is the second of a three-part series on changes to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) that kicked in on Jan 1. -TNP

8 timeless Warren Buffett quotes about life, business & investing

It is simply about getting more than your money's worth - and it can be applied to almost anything in the world. -The Fifth Person

Credits and Loans

4 basic things to know about credit card debt

How many credit card holders in Singapore carry a debt? Well, data from the Singapore Credit Bureau revealed that 1 out of 5 credit card users in Singapore in 2014 only paid the minimum sum on their credit cards.

4 unavoidable costs Singaporeans incur during Chinese New Year

A bit of advance planning can save us some money during this Chinese New Year -MoneySmart

4 things Singaporeans waste money on during Chinese New Year

4 ways Chinese New Year cost us unreasonable amounts of money. -MoneySmart

Is income tax in Singapore really high?

Singapore uses what is known as a progressive income tax rate. That means that those who earn more, get taxed a higher percentage of their income. -MoneySmart


Website for unclaimed life insurance back online a day after crash

LIA said the site had crashed due to "overwhelming response". -AsiaOne

Don't make these basic financial mistakes. I did.

Read the fine print on health insurance policies - failing to do so or not keeping up with changes can hurt your pocket. -ST

Term life insurance figure out what coverage you need

One of the most popular life insurance options among Singaporeans today is the term life policy. That's because term life insurance offers more flexibility and much lower premiums than whole life policies. -MoneySmart

Here's what you need to know before using the compareFIRST insurance platform

If you've ever been in a situation where you've not understood a word your financial advisor is saying when they're explaining different policy details to you (myself included), this online portal might help. -MoneySmart

Investor Profiles

Rags to riches saga underlines China's transformation

Chinese real estate mogul Zhang Xin was ranked the 62nd most powerful woman in the world in 2014. -China Daily/ANN

Passion drives her to GET the best deals

She was so intrigued with the idea of being financially independent that soon after, she picked up foreign exchange trading. -ST

Young Singaporean startup founders who are still in school

These 9 Singaporeans somehow found extra pockets of time to manage their studies and work at the same time. -Vulcan Post

GrabTaxi CEO says local knowledge is key for ride-hailing apps

Local ride-hailing apps can better understand local customers, and also have experience dealing with regulatory regimes. -CNBC