We can really stretch dollar by shopping in JB

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SINGAPORE - When he went to Johor Baru (JB) to shop for groceries and household items last Tuesday, he managed to enjoy about $20 in savings.

Mr Khalid M, 33, who works in sales, said the rate back then was RM2.58 for every $1.

Now that the Malaysian ringgit has dropped even further, he intends to return to JB to shop this weekend to enjoy even more savings.

Comparing prices between JB and Singapore

Secretary of the Money Changers Association Singapore Mohamad Rafeeq Mohamad Yusoof told The New Paper on Wednesday that the rate has been hovering at 2.62 since Tuesday.

He said long queues at money changers are also expected over the next few days. (See report on facing page.)

Mr Khalid, who drives from Singapore to JB twice a month to shop, said he will make a beeline to Tesco supermarket in Tebrau, about a 15-minute ride from the Causeway, to buy groceries and household items.

The bachelor, who lives with his parents in Tampines, usually goes there on weekdays with his mother.

But with the recent drop in the value of the Malaysian ringgit, he intends to brave the crowds this weekend and take advantage of the situation.

He also goes to JB to service his car once every four months.

Mr Khalid said while it can cost more than $100 to do so in Singapore, the same service across the Causeway usually costs about RM230 (S$88), and this was before the record-low exchange rate.

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