Consumers' rights lost with a swipe

The stand-off between Visa and the country's largest taxi operator is really part of a larger battle, one which could affect how Singaporeans pay for goods and services in the future. -ST

There's no need to give office romance the kiss-off

Office romance is fine for as long as you remain professional and discreet while at the workplace. -ST

To launch or not to launch, that is the question

It's fair that developers want to test the market. But how long and how many times are they going to do so? -Property Soul

SMEs can survive by staying relevant

SMEs need to innovate, improve themselves as well as expand and boost their productivity. -ST

What's being done to spur entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a crucial component of any economy and entrepreneurship development has came a long way in Singapore. -ST

Cash-strapped entrepreneurs need help, not punishment

There are times when small businesses are confined by their cash flow and are unable to pay their staff on time. -ST

Continue letting HDB flat owners buy private property

We should not deprive HDB flat owners who have fulfilled the minimum occupation period of the opportunity to buy a second property. -ST

Offer higher bank interest for some account holders

The extra interest earned on their savings may help banks to fulfil their "social responsibilities". -ST

Apprenticeships: It's an image problem

Apprenticeships are a proven means of equipping individuals with vocational skills and ensuring that industries have a steady supply of skilled workers to meet their long-term needs. -ST

Help disabled: Develop job accommodation expertise

Employment is a crucial factor in the integration of people with disabilities in the community. -ST

Benefits of shifting financial year

The Singapore Exchange could help to spread out the AGMs, preferably such that no two companies hold them at the same time. -ST

Extend deadline for holding AGMs

Is there still a real need for quarterly performance reporting? -ST

Relook HDB-CPF system of loans and fund usage

The Government should review the entire HDB-CPF ecosystem of loans and usage of funds to see if some tweaks are needed. -ST

Why property tax must be levied on vacant homes

Property tax is a tax on wealth. It is thus levied on the ownership of properties, irrespective of whether the property is occupied or vacant. - ST