Consumers' rights lost with a swipe

The stand-off between Visa and the country's largest taxi operator is really part of a larger battle, one which could affect how Singaporeans pay for goods and services in the future. -ST

There's no need to give office romance the kiss-off

Office romance is fine for as long as you remain professional and discreet while at the workplace. -ST

Relook HDB-CPF system of loans and fund usage

The Government should review the entire HDB-CPF ecosystem of loans and usage of funds to see if some tweaks are needed. -ST

Why property tax must be levied on vacant homes

Property tax is a tax on wealth. It is thus levied on the ownership of properties, irrespective of whether the property is occupied or vacant. - ST

Financial skills best taught at younger age

Saving and investing for the future require the ability to delay gratification, or the ability to resist temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. - ST

Don't rubbish entire premise of new hiring framework

The new framework does not guarantee that Singaporeans will be chosen over foreigners. Nor does it give Singaporeans an added advantage over foreigners. -Singapolitics

Do you like your job?

Is salary the key criteria in determining if you’re happy at work? Or are other factors at play? -ST

Throwing luck into equation of success

If you happen to enter the world in a prosperous family, you are far more likely to be disproportionately well- equipped to succeed, a speech by ESM Goh seemed to suggest recently. -Singapolitics

HDB coffeeshops are not District 10 bungalows

They were built by the HDB to serve residents on state land acquired for a public purpose - ST

Onus on workers to prove hunger for jobs

If firms give Singaporeans a fair chance yet still find them lacking - what then? Balancing citizen aspirations and economic openness is only possible to a certain extent, Janice Heng says. -Singapolitics

Pitching in to close the income gap

The widening income divide obliges those who have done well to do their bit for those who have not done well at all. -ST

Checking banking malpractices

While no conclusive proof emerged of the rates being successfully manipulated, an MAS report showed that there had been a grievous breach of professional ethics. -ST

SME Clinic: Are there government schemes to finance exclusive distributorship deals?

Are there any government schemes to help SMEs finance the exclusive distributorship of a branded product? -ST

Taking a closer look at internships

Interns might not be quick to complain if they believe a bad report could be sent to their school by the participating organisation. -ST