China company rewarded best employee with a night with actress

CHINA - A company in China rewarded its best employee with a night with Hatano Yui, a Japan adult video actress at its appreciation dinner recently, Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported.

The company in Shanghai invited the actress to appear as the special guest at the dinner, which attracted a lot of her fans to take photographs with her, it reported.

It caused a stir among the employees when an announcement was made that the best employee of the year would spend a night with the actress.

When the news broke, some netizens slammed the company for such a reward and questioned the company's stand on morality.

It is a common occurrence for some established companies in China to dole out cash and cars to its outstanding workers during appreciation dinners.

Most amazing employee benefits
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  • Tiens Group, a Chinese health products company, sent 6,400 employees to Nice for a four-day break in May 2015.
  • According to Le Parisien newspaper, the trip included a mass visit to the Louvre museum.
  • Tiens employees attempted a world record by spelling out the phrase "Tiens' dream is Nice in the Cote d'Azur" in Nice, south of France, May 8, 2015.
  • They spent an approximate 13-20 million euros (S$30 million) in total.
  • Foxconn gave 71 of its employees houses in 2015.
  • The year before, it gave the title deeds of houses to 124 of its employees.
  • On the first working day after the Spring Festival in 2015, CEO of Tencent, Pony Ma, and another nine senior company executives offered red envelopes to employees.
  • Thousands of Tencent employees queued up to receive red packets handed out by chairman and CEO Pony Ma.
  • Employees of the firm behind WeChat and QQ formed a queue which snaked around the company's Shenzhen headquarters.
  • Tencent staff received said they got between 10 yuan to 100 yuan, but were not so particular about the amount given.
  • Most of them had queued in line to meet Mr Ma in person.
  • The9 Limited, a Chinese online game developer and operator, filled a container with thousands of yuan for employees to catch at its annual gala in 2015.
  • Alibaba Group has been hiring a group masseurs for its employees since 2010.
  • 12 outstanding employees of a Chinese IT company received cars as their year-end reward in 2012.
  • A generous boss in western India has given 1,200 of his workers new cars, deposits for flats and thousands of dollars worth of diamond jewellery as a reward for loyalty in 2014.
  • The presents, including those for his worker's wives, were part of Mr Savjibhai Dholakia's company loyalty programme that is worth a total of 50 billion rupees (S$1 billion).
  • Mr Dholakia's complex loyalty programme, in which employees earn points in 25 criteria, has been in place for five years.
  • "We gave apartments to 207 employees, cars to 491 and jewellery to 500 employees," Mr Dholakia said.
  • Miss Xu, a real estate salesperson in Shandong, China, sold more that 100 houses worth a total of 399 million yuan (S$84 million) in 2013.
  • Dubbed the queen of real estate sales, Miss Xu was awarded 5 million yuan (S$1.05 million) as a year-end bonus. She is now known for earning the highest individual bonus in China.
  •  An IT company in Shenzhen generously rewarded 10 of its best employees with Mercedes-Benz cars in 2013.
  • Another firm in Yancheng which supplies anti-radiation suits also gave out Cadillacs to employees.
  • A Shengyang boss reportedly spent millions on gold bars for employees as year-end bonuses in 2013.
  • Ever since the story of his generous gift broke, several companies in China followed suit,  and handed out gold bars from 3kg to 5kg in weight to its employees.
  • An online photo being circulated shows a company letter stating that the firm is offering multiple perks, including 35 days of leave, a 10,000 yuan spring festival bonus, 5,000 yuan reimbursement for 'hardships' taking the train, and rental of an iPad Air for each employee.
  • A real estate firm in China reportedly gave out 11 million yuan (S$2.33 million) in cash bonuses.
  • The top employees received 2 million yuan each, and they had to carry their money in huge sacks stuffed with cash.
  • A company in China rewarded its best employee with a night with Hatano Yui, a Japan adult video actress at its appreciation dinner recently.
  •  A telecommunications firm is rumoured to have given its employees 5 mobile phones worth 1,000 Yuan each (with SIM cards in them).  The catch? Employees are not allowed to set the phones to a different network other than the one they work at.
  • According to online reports, an Australian firm told its employees that If they wanted a bonus, they would have to take the day off on New Year's day.  <br><br>The firm had probably come up with the condition to avoid having to pay employees a higher rate of their salaries for working during the public holiday.
  • A company reportedly gave each employee 2 sets of 4g mobile phones as a bonus in 2013. <br> Internet sources state that some employees were disappointed to find out they were not getting cash, and had to cut down on  expenses as a result.

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