$1.2 billion GST vouchers to be given out in August

$135m to be given to 800,000 HDB Households

Eligible Singaporean households can also receive between $135 to $195 worth of GSTV-U-Save rebates in total, depending on HDB flat type.

In addition, the permanent GSTV-U-Save will now be given quarterly (July, October, January and April), instead of twice a year. The full schedule is as follows:

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The extra GSTV-U-Save under the one-off GSTV Special Payment will be given out in July 2013 and January 2014. They will offset utilities directly. There is no need to sign up for the rebates.

$300m to be given in one-off Medisave Top-up

To help older Singaporeans with their healthcare expenses, all Singaporeans aged 45 and above this year will receive a $200 top-up to their CPF Medisave Accounts.

About 1.5 million eligible Singaporeans will receive their CPF Medisave Top-up automatically by 31 August 2013.

Those who have not signed up for a previous Government payout and are not CPF members will need to contact the CPF Board by July 16 to receive the Medisave top-up by 31 August. Singaporeans have until December 31 to sign up.

Additional Information on the GSTV and Special Payment

More information can be found at www.gstvoucher.gov.sg. For details on GSTV - Cash, GSTV - Medisave and the one-off Medisave top-up, Singaporeans can call 1800-2222-888 or email gstvoucher@cpf.gov.sg. For details on GSTV - U-Save, they can call 6671-7117 or email spservices@singaporepower.com.sg.

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