10 tax havens in the world: What they are and who goes there

Singapore's low personal income tax and low corporate tax rate makes it easy for people to think of it as a tax haven.

1MDB says some of its bonds are in default after missed interest payment

State investors 1MDB said it has not made a US$50.3 million interest payment on its bonds due 2022 following a stand-off with Abu Dhabi sovereign fund IPIC. -Reuters and The Wall Street Journal

OCBC chairman fees in the spotlight

Bank calls S$2m salary appropriate for Ooi's responsibilities and time. -The Business Times

Top 10 careers that are dying a slow death

The robotic age will take away some of our jobs, some of them which are in-demand currently are soon endangered owing to rapid technology adoption and innovation in automation. -AsiaOne

Have property prices fallen enough to make homes affordable?

Prices have been falling, but these decreases did not even make a dent in the overall increases property prices have seen in the last decade. -Dollars and Sense

The national IT project that went global in a big way

A year later, the first phase of TradeNet went live, and trade declarations that used to take two to five days to clear were processed in minutes through a single window connecting users to Singapore's multiple controlling agencies. -ST

Shophouses draw keen investor interest

But although capital values have risen, rents have not increased in tandem, said Mr Simon Monteiro, director at Historical Land. "Eight years ago, we were seeing 6 per cent rental yields. Today, yields are 3 per cent or even less than that." -ST

Factbox: What is Bitcoin?

Just like other currencies, Bitcoins can be exchanged for goods and services - or for other currencies - provided the other party is willing to accept them. -AFP

Australian entrepreneur reveals himself as Bitcoin creator: media

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is created from computer code. Unlike a real-world currency such as the US dollar or the euro, it has no central bank and is not backed by any government. -AFP

Jack Ma: 20 more years of enviable growth for China

Ma said the deciding factor in a true economic transformation would be the country's ability to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit among the young and create an environment to help it flourish. -The Star/ANN

Minimum wage in Malaysia to be raised in July

The implementation of the national minimum wage policy in 2013, he pointed out, had already benefited 1.9 million private sector workers, which was later extended to the public sector via a new salary scale as announced recently. -The Star/ANN

4 important things to consider before paying off your debts

Whether or not to pay off your debt depends on what you owe, how much you owe and what your investment plans are. -The Fifth Person

Are retail bonds right for you?

Want to make your money grow but don’t know how? -The New Paper

Fintech entrepreneur goes for dividend stocks

InvestingNote founder worries more about how much he can afford to lose than how much he can make from a trade. -ST

Over 4 in 10 have not saved for retirement: Poll

It also found that 46 per cent of those surveyed think they will have to work beyond retirement age to fund their retirement. -The Straits Times

Millennials at work

Millennials are the much-discussed generation born between 1980 and 2000 with a reputation for being entitled, finicky and frank to the point of seeming insubordinate. -ST

More firms keen to hire those with disabilities

VWOs say training, job support, govt schemes help raise employment rates for this group. -ST