Banks should change their profit earning model: China banking regulator

Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Shang Fulin said commercial banks must overhaul their profit models from traditional ones to address the narrowing interest margin. -China Daily/ANN

Alibaba's Jack Ma names priorities for $435.3 million venture capital funding

Alibaba's venture capital funding will first go to young Taiwanese entrepreneurs selling Taiwanese specialties, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma announced. -China Post/ANN

NMP opposes greater flexibility in withdrawal of CPF savings

Singaporeans have a "moral obligation" to spend their CPF savings wisely, so they do not end up being a burden to others in their twilight years, NMP Chia Yong Yong said. -ST

Weak ringgit expected to boost furniture industry

The Malaysian furniture industry will receive a boost from a weaker ringgit, with exports to gain by more than 10 per cent. -The Star/ANN

Singaporeans top real-estate buyers among Asians

They account for a third of $55b region's investors spent on property worldwide. -ST

Number of ultra-wealthy in Singapore set to grow

Survey predicts 54% jump in number of such individuals here by 2024. -ST

Noble issues 11-page rebuttal of allegations

It also promises investors more transparency, after attacks by short seller. -ST

Wealth managers facing stiff competition from robo-advisers

But wealth managers can fend off these threats by applying the right technology themselves, and they can even gain a competitive advantage by combining digital and mobile tools with human advice. -ST

Industry price-fixing probe sets cat among chickens

Watchdog acting on complaint; slaughterhouses deny collusion. -ST

CPF sustainable as it adopts the best from other systems: DPM

At the same time, the Government has become more progressive in enhancing the CPF scheme, and will continue to find ways to help Singaporeans get by as they near retirement. -ST

New rule 'will not change Temasek's strategy

Mr Tharman clarified that the net investment returns (NIR) framework enables the Government to draw down from investment entities' expected rather than actual returns. -ST

HDB resale prices slide back down by 0.6%

Analysts point to slow CNY sales period, ongoing cooling measures. -ST

Weather-battered US consumers skip mall, order in and head south

Cities ranging from Chicago to Bangor, Maine, set all time records for the lowest February temperatures. -Reuters

Europe farmers fear 'roller coaster' as milk market deregulated

Farmers will for the first time since 1984 have no legal restrictions on the amount of milk they can produce. -Reuters

German parliament approves legal quotas for women on company boards

Although Germany has been led by a woman there is not a single female chief executive among the 30 largest firms on Germany's blue-chip DAX index. -Reuters

Condor will rise to the challenge from Lufthansa's Eurowings, says CEO

Lufthansa said this week that it would start long-haul budget flights to tourist destinations in the likes of Cuba and Thailand. -Reuters

Asia Fuel Oil-Bunker premium eases to near 7-wk low on lack of demand

Demand waned after the seasonally strong Lunar New Year passed, while onshore fuel oil inventories in Singapore have reached highs. -Reuters