Slower increase for private sector wages in 2014

The proportion of employers adopting flexible and performance-based wage system rose to a decade-high in 2014. -AsiaOne

S'pore employers cautious about hiring: Survey

ManpowerGroup poll shows only 16% expect Q2 staff strength to grow. -ST

'Younger workers can save enough to retire'

They must keep working, buy HDB flat within their means, says minister. -ST

Singaporeans top real-estate buyers among Asians

They account for a third of $55b region's investors spent on property worldwide. -ST
Apprenticeships: It's an image problem

Apprenticeships: It's an image problem

Apprenticeships are a proven means of equipping individuals with vocational skills and ensuring that industries have a steady supply of skilled workers to meet their long-term needs. -ST

Italy PM says Europe must restart talks after Greek vote

"You realise that a country as important for the world and its culture as Greece cannot end up like this." -Reuters

Greeks deciding 'destiny' in referendum: PM

Voters were weighing a question asking whether they were willing to accept worsening austerity in exchange for more bailout funds from international creditors. -AFP

World Bank removes critical section from China report

The section had also noted that the Chinese state exerts strong control over a majority of commercial bank assets, "making it an outlier by international standards". -AFP

3 firms raided over funds Najib allegedly received

Probe follows WSJ report that nearly $940m was wired to PM's personal accounts. -ST

'Unwarranted attacks on Najib will affect economy'

"Let's tackle this issue rationally, rather than letting emotions cloud judgment. By reacting irresponsibly, we will only be sabotaging our economy and jeopardising our own future." -The Star/ANN

Samsung, LG in court over washing machine vandalism

The legal representatives for LG denied the allegations that its CEO Cho Seong-jin and two other company officials broke the doors of three Samsung washers. -Korea Herald/ANN

South Korea's answer to Silicon Valley

Asian tiger seeks bigger bite of new economy with young tech talents eager to pounce. -ST

A guiding star in the world of start-ups

Singaporeans have a reputation for being averse to working overseas but these outstanding people in business show it to be otherwise. We start a weekly series on Singaporeans who hold leadership positions or run successful businesses abroad. Today, Senior Correspondent Grace Chng speaks to Jenny Lee of GGV Capital. -ST

Greek debt crisis: How it affects us

We might witness more conservative spending amongst businesses and consumers. -TNP

The impact of housing credit on personal bankruptcy

Given the expectation of low interest rate in the near future, many homes are purchased with floating-rate mortgage debt. -ST