Average Airbnb host in Singapore makes about $5,000 a year

Worries over side effects of home-sharing have dogged sector. -TNP

Boss of Evolve MMA spends $500,000 on Maldives vacation for employees

Such retreats are a "normal part of the Evolve culture", its chairman says. -AsiaOne

Feline-friendly designs give couple's colourful flat the purr-sonalised touch

Feline-friendly design and furnishings take centre stage in this colourful apartment. -Home & Decor

Family feuds over fortunes and business empires: 6 cases that have grabbed headlines

Large inheritances have often resulted in pitched court battles and feuds among family members. -ST

Ex-Goldman banker linked to 1MDB scandal had jet-set lifestyle with glamorous wife

His wife Kimora Lee Simmons' social media accounts chronicle the couple's jet-set life, including holidays on luxury yachts in the Caribbean. -ST

Wood and natural elements give understated 'wow' factor to family's stylish home

Rich in materiality and texture, the design of this home shows that you can never have too much wood! -Home & Decor

How Lui Che Woo went from selling peanuts to being one of the world's richest men

Octogenarian billionaire Lui Che Woo’s rags-to-riches story. -BLLNR

Is the slowing economy really going to be that bad for Singaporeans?

Everybody knows the economy is in trouble, but what does that actually mean? -MoneySmart

Singapore employees expecting to get bonus but not a pay raise: Randstad

Nearly seven out of ten Singapore employees are still expecting to receive a year-end bonus despite the slowing economy. -AsiaOne

Singapore economy could expand 2.3% in 2017: Deutsche Bank

It cautioned that "such a growth increment (is) hardly any reason to cheer about" given the country's steady deceleration. -BT

Nomura: Beware these grey swan risks for 2017

While black swans are inherently unpredictable, Nomura has pointed to 10 potential grey swans, or unlikely but impactful events to worry about for 2017. -CNBC

More properties could be up for auction if interest rates bite

Most mortgagee listings this year have been properties in the core central region and the city fringe, with some in the suburbs. -ST

1MDB says no discussions with China over repayments to Abu Dhabi fund

A Financial Times report claimed 1MDB was getting China to help with repayments. -The Star/ANN

Malaysia's central bank spends $2.7 billion defending the ringgit

Dealers were caught by surprise by the level of foreign reserves as some had forecast the reserves to be lower than what was announced yesterday. -The Star/ANN

Singapore stresses under a wealth of worries

Some economists call Singapore the new sick man of Asia, supplanting the Philippines. -Reuters

Buying property in Iskandar Malaysia: What Singapore investors need to know

10 years on, the Iskandar development continues to benefit from an influx of interest from foreign investors, but is it really a good to invest your money in? -Zuu Online

Dyson to grow engineering team in Singapore by 50%

The British family-owned tech company also plans to open a new technology centre next year to support its research and engineering efforts. -AsiaOne