Hot Jobs

Plumber fished crab out of toilet pipe

Plumber David Chi has extricated everything from dead animals to compact powder cases from chocked toilet systems. -TNP

Good-bye to fat pay cheque

Swiss banker gives up cushy life to help deprived children in the Mekong sub-region. -ST

Confessions of a lingerie buyer

Her pet peeve:Mismatched underwear. -TNP

Filling the world with Siyli love songs

Google's Jolly Good Fellow is dead serious about enlightening minds and opening hearts. -ST

Job Hunting

24 things we say to ourselves in a job interview

Here are 24 thoughts that go through every job candidate's mind during an interview. See if you can identify. -AsiaOne

Job applicant creates Lego resume and model of herself

This Lego resume has won the hearts of many people online. -AsiaOne

Are you guilty of these follow-up techniques?

It is completely possible to mess up your chances of getting hired even AFTER you’ve gotten interviewed! -The Star/ANN

6 tips to determine your market value and negotiate the right salary

Here are 6 fail-safe tips to help you figure out your market value and negotiate the salary that you deserve. -iMoney

Career Building

Ann Teoh's long, hard road to success

Poverty, hunger drove a talented kampung girl to make a name for herself in fashion. -ST

Be more productive at work

Before blaming stress on your workload, consider the possibility that you simply are not being productive enough. -AsiaOne

Earn your customers' loyalty

Here are five ways to keep your existing clients for life. -ST

How to make your boss love you

Get into their good books by cultivating the right personality at work. -Simply Her

Out of Office

10 things successful people do during a long weekend

The long break allows them to finally relax from their usually busy schedules, and every minute of the break is precious. -AsiaOne

Winning photos of Harmony @ Workplaces contest on display

The top three and ten consolation entry winners received a total of $3,200. -AsiaOne

10 unspoken rules you should follow in the office

If you work in a office, you should be aware of these rules or risk becoming the most-hated colleague around. -AsiaOne

Security guard gets free trip to Vegas after leave request goes viral

The hashtag #givegregtheholiday trended on Twitter and companies began to offer him freebies. -AsiaOne


How to tell if you have a horrible boss

Some bosses may not do anything illegal but are still capable of ill-treating staff by being inhumane and self-absorbed. -AsiaOne

Top 10 ways to combat stress at work

Identify the key source of your stress and do something about it. -The Star/ANN

Managing emotions at work

While it is generally good to be in touch with our emotions and to not suppress them, there are situations when we must somehow manage our emotions especially well. -My Paper

Deal with your boss’s strange requests

You’re not her personal assistant, yet she’s asking you to buy her groceries. Stand up to these absurd out-of-work demands. -Her World