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Ex-RJC teacher now owns tuition centre with its own scholarship programme

Not only is the centre half the size of a football field, but it also has its own cafe, digital library, scholarship programme, and shuttle bus service. -Vulcan Post

6 ways to make money without much effort

If you're looking to generate extra income, you may have more options than you think - even if you're already working full-time. -CNBC

3 jobs suffering from a high turnover rate in Singapore

The spotlight continues to be shone on a few professions which continue to suffer from high attrition rates. -MoneySmart

Singapore banks still hiring despite slowing economy

DBS and Citi have combined 1,200 vacancies; but most banks seeking mainly compliance and IT staff. -BT

Job Hunting

7 important tips that will help jobseekers ace any interview

Stress tends to hamper interviewing performance, but going for an interview for a new job need not be an anxiety-inducing experience. -Essence Digital

10 most ridiculous resume mistakes job seekers have made

Crafting a resume takes a lot of time and effort, so don't let a typo, or worse a lie, land yours in the garbage. -CNBC

10 jobseeking tips to withstand any economic storm

Here's how to ensure you stand out from the crowd and bag a job that will be able to withstand any economic storm. -AsiaOne

3 job search mistakes many Singaporean job-hunters make

Here are three of the biggest reasons people flop at each stage of the job hunting process. -MoneySmart

Career Building

Why a university degree is no longer a golden ticket to success in Singapore

What university degrees and newspaper clippings for food stalls have in common. -Dollars and Sense

25-year-old CEO shares 5 tricks to fast track your career

The start-up co-founder of mobile advertising app Kiip used a series of career "cheats" to fast-track his success. -CNBC

Employee roasts bosses in exit survey: How to quit your job the right way

While it might be tempting, and seemingly hilarious, to go out in a blaze of glory, you're better off holding your tongue. -CNBC

10 questions to ask before opening a cafe from scratch

If you feel the need to set up a cafe, here is some practical advice for you to get the ball-rolling. -AsiaOne

Out of Office

5 tips to add more fun into the workplace

To improve performance levels, employers can consider making the workplace fun. -AsiaOne

Google's new Singapore office a blend of office building and tech campus

Its new space is a blend between a campus and an office building, with high ceilings, open lounges and an abundance of natural lighting. -CNBC

Google moves to new office to house fast growing team of engineers in Singapore

The two office blocks the firm has leased at Mapletree Business City II could accommodate up to 3,000 people. -ST

Female or male bosses? Workers in Singapore have their say

76 per cent of employees in Singapore prefer having a male boss. -AsiaOne


'Work from home data entry jobs'? Here's what it's really about

Some familiar sounding ones would be "Promoters Wanted", "Clerk/Admin Jobs Available", "Brand Ambassadors Needed", and of course the very predictable "Work From Home Data Entry Job". -Vulcan Post

So, you messed up at work?

Mistakes are inevitable on the job, but it's how you react that keeps you sane. -Her World

How to answer 3 tough interview questions

When asked about whether you plan to pop out a few kids, it's wise to say you wish to focus on your career for the time being. -MoneySmart

8 questions to ask before quitting your job

If the prospect of a whole year ahead is making you focus on your job situation, check out these eight questions to suss out if you should stay or go. -Her World