Hot Jobs

Chastened Uber CEO seeks fresh start for ride services in Europe

Chief executive of controversial online ride-sharing company Uber stuck a newly conciliatory tone. -Reuters

Hard skills in hot demand next year

Top dollar for engineering, IT jobs in economy focused on skills. -ST

Meet the millionaire tutor

He says the secret to his millionnaire success lies in running group sessions for 30 or more students at a time, and doing it all himself. -ST

Survey: PwC is Singapore's most popular graduate employer

More than 7,100 students from major universities in Singapore took part in the survey. -Asiaone

Job Hunting

Social media help Chinese companies tap into pool

Job ads are being seen more frequently in social media such as micro blogs and WeChat in recent years.

Little change in hiring rate, pay of new poly grads

Job prospects and salaries for fresh polytechnic graduates are increasing. -ST

Lie on your resume and you will get caught

One in 10 companies here does random screening checks on its workers, even those who have been employed for years. -TNP

Game's up for job seekers who lie

More companies getting experts to run background checks on potential hires. - ST

Career Building

Architectural delight

Park + Associates draws inspiration from a sensory experience, not a visual one, says founder Lim Koon Park. -BT

Ambition, industry and a bit of luck

Gas tycoon and taxi towkay started out earning just $30 a month sweeping floors. -ST

Motivation tips for self and bosses

Motivated individuals are typically happier, more efficient and perform better than their unmotivated peers. -My Paper

What does your desk say about you?

Let's face it: It's easy to fall into a comfort zone once you've been with your organisation for a while. - The Star/ANN

Out of Office

Failure is not an option, it's a must

Don't over-educate Singapore's younger generation, says author Nassim Taleb, as education is the enemy of entrepreneurship. -BT

More cool workplaces in Singapore - from ST readers

Our readers have nominated more workplaces in Singapore that they think are as cool - or even cooler. -ST

8 reasons why taking a break boosts productivity

Diving into the work pile without taking a breather is irresponsible and guaranteed to set anyone on a one track road to fatigue. -AsiaOne

Play everywhere in Spotify's brand new Singapore office

Music lovers in Singapore will have plenty of reason to get up and dance with the recent opening of Spotify's new shophouse office at Boat Quay. -AsiaOne


9 more things you can do to be happier at work

The happier you are, the more positive these outcomes will be, and the further you'll excel in your career. -The Star/ANN

10 clear signs you should quit your job

You know something is wrong when your usual pick-me-up fails to work its magic. -The Star/ANN

"Omg, you slept with the boss!"

Dating a supervisor, offending a VIP client, "breaking up" with ex-colleagues... only to beg them for help later. These women tell SASHA GONZALES how they survived career-killing moves. -Her World

So you want to be a start-up boss

Have a clear business plan and a strong team in place from the get-go, experts advise. -ST