Job Hunting

The thought of doing something as confrontational as asking for a higher salary goes against everything Singaporeans have learned about respecting authority. -MoneySmart
For many Singaporean employees, job hunting is like practising a sport-you have to do it all the time to keep yourself on your toes. -MoneySmart
Job hopping is accepted practice here, and famously unhappy employees are quick to jump ship the moment something better comes along. -MoneySmart
When some people are about to graduate from university or about to get fired form their job, they start mobilising their networks in hopes of obtaining some big fat job leads. -MoneySmart
If you're a job seeker who's actively searching for a new job, read the following mistakes very carefully and avoid them like your life depended on it - well actually, it kind of does right? -MoneySmart
If you're not sure of what they are and what you should and shouldn't do, you should read this first. If you've done all that and are still stumped, here are 8 plausible reasons why you're being ignored. -MoneySmart
As the change of career path needs forward-planning and could reveal a bigger picture beyond individual preference, let's take a look at the top 10 industries with most active job-hoppers. -China Daily/ANN
The survey also revealed that more young jobseekers, with around one in five 18-24-year-olds, have taken to Twitter and Instagram to find work. -AsiaOne
Your degree from that fancy pants university cost your parents a ton of money, plus you did about fifty internships. So why have you not been able to snag any of the good jobs out there? -MoneySmart
Candidates thought questions about long-term career goals were the most difficult to answer. -AsiaOne