Job Hunting

Social media help Chinese companies tap into pool
Job ads are being seen more frequently in social media such as micro blogs and WeChat in recent years.
Little change in hiring rate, pay of new poly grads
Job prospects and salaries for fresh polytechnic graduates are increasing. -ST
Lie on your resume and you will get caught
One in 10 companies here does random screening checks on its workers, even those who have been employed for years. -TNP
Game's up for job seekers who lie
More companies getting experts to run background checks on potential hires. - ST
24 things we say to ourselves in a job interview
Here are 24 thoughts that go through every job candidate's mind during an interview. See if you can identify. -AsiaOne
Job applicant creates Lego resume and model of herself
This Lego resume has won the hearts of many people online. -AsiaOne
Are you guilty of these follow-up techniques?
It is completely possible to mess up your chances of getting hired even AFTER you’ve gotten interviewed! -The Star/ANN
6 tips to determine your market value and negotiate the right salary
Here are 6 fail-safe tips to help you figure out your market value and negotiate the salary that you deserve. -iMoney
There’s always hope
Job hunting can be a frightening experience. You start to question your tactics, what you said or did not say, or just think about giving up entirely. -ST
Criminal past? Fewer employers care now
Labour crunch, more confidence in rehab lead to record number of inmates employed. -ST