Hot Jobs

Money for holidays, work where you want, bring-your-dog day... some companies here offer more than the usual perks for staff. -ST
He insists that looking through racy reference material from clients is not a perk of the job. -TNP
Mr Muhammad Yamin Yusof's duty as one of Sentosa's beach patrol officers is to tell the women to cover up. -TNP
Benita Aw Yeong investigates the lower-ranked occupations and asks. -TNP
Driven by passion to seek artefacts for display, sale at gallery. -ST
Chan Shan Shan quit the corporate world to be a wedding planner and mould her life the way she wants. -BT
Young artist is making his mark as illustrator for world-famous DC Comics. -ST
According to a study, most employees in Singapore want to work for SIA. ExxonMobil and Procter & Gamble were named second and third most attractive employers respectively. -AsiaOne
The head honcho of Midas Promotions once lost over a million dollars on a single event. -TNP
The Facebook founder scored a 99 per cent approval rating based on reviews provided by employees over the past 12 months. -AsiaOne