Hot Jobs

The brand of your car matters
Mr Brandon Lye has been in the business for only two years, but he reveals that it's not unusual for hardworking and successful agents to make about $100,000 a month. -TNP
Cool hiring quirks at top tech companies
Find out what happens when these companies hire new employees. -AsiaOne
Google and A Star top choice employers for fresh grads
Google is the business students' choice employer, while A*STAR secured the top spot among engineering students. -AsiaOne
Fancy flexi perks from companies
Money for holidays, work where you want, bring-your-dog day... some companies here offer more than the usual perks for staff. -ST
Confessions of a digital game illustrator: Breasts? I'd rather draw machine
He insists that looking through racy reference material from clients is not a perk of the job. -TNP
Confessions of a beach patrol officer: It's babe and Baywatch
Mr Muhammad Yamin Yusof's duty as one of Sentosa's beach patrol officers is to tell the women to cover up. -TNP
Are they really the worst jobs?
Benita Aw Yeong investigates the lower-ranked occupations and asks. -TNP
He gave up bank job to hunt for fossil exhibits
Driven by passion to seek artefacts for display, sale at gallery. -ST
Happily married to her job
Chan Shan Shan quit the corporate world to be a wedding planner and mould her life the way she wants. -BT
An Indonesian hand in world of superheroes
Young artist is making his mark as illustrator for world-famous DC Comics. -ST