Hot Jobs

No more hang-up over handbags
Elite police officer quit his job to help wife run handbag business. -ST
Designer, contractor, mediator
This contractor relishes the challenge of working with challenging customers. -TNP
Finding love while working in a shipyard
Maritime Singapore comprises more than 5,000 firms and 170,000 people, and it contributes significantly to the economy while holding out good job prospects. -ST
 A good life out at sea
If you dream of an important job that nevertheless lets you sail all day, consider being a harbour pilot like Mr Goh Choon Hock, 35. -ST
 She makes friends and keeps ships fuelled up
Ms Maesy Koh graduated in 2002 with a specialist degree in real estate, the post-Sept 11 market was bleak. -ST
Selling 'dishwasher to CEO' dream
Hotelier says anyone can make it good if he loves the job and works hard. -ST
Why I gave up my job at a bank
What my job does for me in terms of personal growth is more important than what it can pay. -ST
Plumber fished crab out of toilet pipe
Plumber David Chi has extricated everything from dead animals to compact powder cases from chocked toilet systems. -TNP
Good-bye to fat pay cheque
Swiss banker gives up cushy life to help deprived children in the Mekong sub-region. -ST
Confessions of a lingerie buyer
Her pet peeve:Mismatched underwear. -TNP