Hot Jobs

Doctors have highest fresh grad pay in Singapore
Based on the average salary of all specializations posted by employers, fresh graduates can expect to earn $2,300 per month. -AsiaOne
Want an easy job? 4 men who get paid to do whatever they want
Not only are these four men paid to act like they are homeless and jobless, they also get to keep any extra extra money or presents visitors give them. -AsiaOne
Over 300 job openings at CDC job fair this week
Over 300 job opportunities from 11 companies will be av available this Friday at the Discover The Service In You Career Fair.
European boss pay boosted by long-term rewards: study
Company executives in Europe are enjoying above-inflation rises to their overall remuneration thanks to long-term incentive packages. - AFP
Take your pick from jobs of the future
New industries and career options crop up in age of exponential change. - ST
Mining unit chief in her element with copper
Mining unit chief has 24 years of experience in male-dominated sector. - ST
Confessions of a licensed moneylender
Former property consultant turned moneylender says people have lumped him together with loan sharks. -TNP
No stopping this 'crazy guy'
He has turned his dreams into reality and wants to help the young follow theirs. -ST
Work, not beaches, bring expats Down Under: survey
Global high-flyers nominated the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging projects as their top reason for moving cities, with "liveability" ranked second. -AFP
The brand of your car matters
Mr Brandon Lye has been in the business for only two years, but he reveals that it's not unusual for hardworking and successful agents to make about $100,000 a month. -TNP