Hot Jobs

According to the 2012 Labour Force In Singapore report, there are 22,000 male and 10,300 female residents aged 70 and above still in the workforce. Find out what keeps them going. -ST
Award-winning lyricist Xiaohan, who holds a PhD in virology, says words define who she is. -ST
While interns who perform well get to move into a luxury hotel suite, interns who do badly are made to sleep in the basement where "you might have to fight a few rats". -AsiaOne
Banker Peter Breiter, 41, doesn't care about big bonuses and multi-million deals. Instead, he writes transaction slips by hand and offers advice on jobs, relationship and money. -Reuters
Intensive training equips private security officers with the skills to do their job more effectively. -SPU
Private security is an important and growing business that complements traditional policing. -SPU
APOs have been making a larger imprint on the law-and-order landscape to combat the twin challenges of crime and terrorism. -SPU
One thing rookies hate about being in a lion dance troupe? The nauseating smell of the lion head. To veterans however, it is the sweat smell of success. -TNP
The 49-year-old is a professional snake charmer, and keeps two pythons in his three-room HDB flat.-TNP
Her job requires her to tolerate farting, pangs of body odour and kids who cough in her face. -TNP