Hot Jobs

Look who's the boss
While many of their peers have just started working,these 20-somethings run their own firms. -ST
Real estate firm gives employees $2m in cash
In the latest bonus give-away, a real estate firm in China reportedly gave out 11 million yuan in cash bonuses. -AsiaOne
Toa Payoh muffin stall offers $1,000 bonus to hire staff
A food stall in Toa Payoh has offered a whopping $1,000 bonus for staff hired to work this month. -AsiaOne
8 most ridiculous year-end bonuses in 2013
From off-days to luxury cars, year-end bonuses have been surprising in recent times. A property agent from China even received over $1 million in bonuses for producing stellar results last year. -AsiaOne
Working for fun
Team-building activities get exciting as companies send their staff for things such as bloop soccer or art jamming sessions. -ST
Carrying cash isn't's the queue cutters
Confessions of an ATM cash replenishment officer. -TNP
Birth of son spurred big career change
Banker left high-paying job to open childcare centre as he wanted more time with his son. - ST
Doctors have highest fresh grad pay in Singapore
Based on the average salary of all specializations posted by employers, fresh graduates can expect to earn $2,300 per month. -AsiaOne
Want an easy job? 4 men who get paid to do whatever they want
Not only are these four men paid to act like they are homeless and jobless, they also get to keep any extra extra money or presents visitors give them. -AsiaOne
Over 300 job openings at CDC job fair this week
Over 300 job opportunities from 11 companies will be av available this Friday at the Discover The Service In You Career Fair.