Hot Jobs

He says the secret to his millionnaire success lies in running group sessions for 30 or more students at a time, and doing it all himself. -ST
More than 7,100 students from major universities in Singapore took part in the survey. -Asiaone
Samuel Tsien, group CEO of OCBC Bank, is banking on the values and qualities of Everyman Sam to guide OCBC through the wake of the global financial crisis. -BT
Art lover who places a lot of value on beautiful relics runs family's antique business now. -ST
Many of his clients are well-heeled and do not bat an eyelid spending up to $500,000 on their gardens, in homes about 150,00 sq ft. -TNP
Elite police officer quit his job to help wife run handbag business. -ST
This contractor relishes the challenge of working with challenging customers. -TNP
Maritime Singapore comprises more than 5,000 firms and 170,000 people, and it contributes significantly to the economy while holding out good job prospects. -ST
If you dream of an important job that nevertheless lets you sail all day, consider being a harbour pilot like Mr Goh Choon Hock, 35. -ST
Ms Maesy Koh graduated in 2002 with a specialist degree in real estate, the post-Sept 11 market was bleak. -ST