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From Nov 23 to Dec 18, interested parties aged 21 and above can submit their applications via Instagram, indicating why they are suitable for the job. -AsiaOne
These are all median annual base salaries, excluding bonuses or other pay as reported by employees over the past two years. -AsiaOne
While virtually any flexible job can be a viable side job, here are some of the more common ones people who already have a job are fond of taking on. -MoneySmart
An impulse buy led to the start of a yacht charter company, and Evangeline Wong now oversees an all-male crew. -Her World
AIA Insurer’s chief believes consumers still need the human touch despite tech advances. -ST
Corporate culture that encourages creativity is a common denominator, Lester Hio reports. -ST
Recently, Chinese conglomerate Tiens celebrated its 20th anniversary by treating 6,400 of its employees to a holiday in France. -AsiaOne
8-year-old cooking and baking guru Charli draws an estimated US$127,777 in ad revenue every month - and that's after taking into account YouTube's cut of revenue. -AsiaOne
His work involves training, and working with taste testers, as well as tasting and working on new products. -ST
Many attracted to higher hourly rates, compared with other service jobs. -ST