Career Building

The main thing is to make sure you don't stay in your current job longer than you have to, since you're being undercut salary-wise. -MoneySmart
How then can we encourage youths and adults alike to pursue passion in their lives, be it on a full-time or part-time basis? -Leaderonomics
More is demanded from business leaders today, making the hunt to fill top jobs even more difficult. -BT
If you had built a great working relationship with your manager who had tagged you for your high potential, don't panic or jump ship - at least not just yet. -BT
For a young woman who had $5 in her bank account, $10,000 seemed like a fortune and the answer to all her problems. -CNBC
Not every issue you disagree with needs to be pursued. Knowing when to charge and when to back off is an art few master. -BT
Being socially awkward doesn't just affect how you feel, it may cause you to lose out at work. -BT
Business tycoon Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong's richest man, attended commencement ceremonies at Shantou University on Thursday, and the speech he delivered has gone viral on social media. - China Daily/ Asia News Network
Most people choose a job because of the salary, position, or the company's reputation. But, those three things won't matter when you don't have health. -AsiaOne
Tata's leadership commands respect throughout the world, which is highlighted by the numerous prestigious awards bestowed upon him. -Leaderonomics