Career Building

Mr Dennis Tay believed that well-designed products should be "for everyone, for every day" and that good design is democratic rather than dictated by hefty price tags, big brand names and countries of origin. -ST
With unemployment also edging up, just banking on the fact that you have a degree isn't something that is going to set you apart from the crowd. -MoneySmart
Motivation is hard to come by. -MoneySmart
Pann Lim struggled in school, but found his niche later in life to become one of Singapore's top designers. -ST
Salesman stint during student days in Canada prepared him for global roles in big banks. -ST
The thought of doing something as confrontational as asking for a higher salary goes against everything Singaporeans have learned about respecting authority. -MoneySmart
Can we really learn something from all that betrayal, mind games and false flattery? -BBC Capital
You need to spend months making efforts to stand out, showing you're not just a regular employee. -MoneySmart
Chung Tze Khit started with a mobile gym and now runs the biggest local chain of fitness gyms. -ST
A Sydney-based investment management company is planning to set up the first privately-owned Chinese bank in Australia. -Reuters