Working with people you like is, to me, as important as liking the work you do. -ST
I have a confession to make: The term "work-life balance" irks me terribly. -ST
Some bosses may not do anything illegal but are still capable of ill-treating staff by being inhumane and self-absorbed. -AsiaOne
Identify the key source of your stress and do something about it. -The Star/ANN
While it is generally good to be in touch with our emotions and to not suppress them, there are situations when we must somehow manage our emotions especially well. -My Paper
You’re not her personal assistant, yet she’s asking you to buy her groceries. Stand up to these absurd out-of-work demands. -Her World
Regardless of deadline pressures or uncooperative clients, supervisors should still exhibit high levels of empathy with their workers by engaging in proper dialogues. -AsiaOne
Good bosses should be able to motivate their employees, and allow them to find value in following the orders of their leader at work. -AsiaOne
Archivist, astronomer, film/video editor and social media manager among good careers for introverts. -AsiaOne
Sitting at your office desk can get pretty cosy and comfortable sometimes, but it's really destroying your body slowly. Here are 20 secret ways your job is slowly killing you. -AsiaOne