Some familiar sounding ones would be "Promoters Wanted", "Clerk/Admin Jobs Available", "Brand Ambassadors Needed", and of course the very predictable "Work From Home Data Entry Job". -Vulcan Post
Mistakes are inevitable on the job, but it's how you react that keeps you sane. -Her World
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Overworking and exploiting employees is fairly common in Singapore. -MoneySmart
Speaking nonsense at work is a common problem, one that is understandable as there is pressure to contribute to the conversation, especially if you are in the presence of your boss. -My Paper
'Resilience is an attitude.' If that's true, then anyone can learn to adopt it. Lessons from people who've been there and done it. -BBC Capital
9 more things you can do to be happier at work
The happier you are, the more positive these outcomes will be, and the further you'll excel in your career. -The Star/ANN
10 clear signs you should quit your job
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"Omg, you slept with the boss!"
Dating a supervisor, offending a VIP client, "breaking up" with ex-colleagues... only to beg them for help later. These women tell SASHA GONZALES how they survived career-killing moves. -Her World