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Two career tracks in S'pore legal service

In April, the Republic's Legal Service Officers (LSOs) will have two separate career paths to choose from - the judicial track and the legal track. -BT

IT is hot in Singapore

Experts foresee companies here initiating and implementing IT projects. -tabla!

Internships that pay more than your job

The ranking report, which lists the 25 highest paid internship roles in the US, is dominated by tech-related firms. -AsiaOne

Look who's the boss

While many of their peers have just started working,these 20-somethings run their own firms. -ST

Job Hunting

24 things we say to ourselves in a job interview

Here are 24 thoughts that go through every job candidate's mind during an interview. See if you can identify. -AsiaOne

Job applicant creates Lego resume and model of herself

This Lego resume has won the hearts of many people online. -AsiaOne

Are you guilty of these follow-up techniques?

It is completely possible to mess up your chances of getting hired even AFTER you’ve gotten interviewed! -The Star/ANN

6 tips to determine your market value and negotiate the right salary

Here are 6 fail-safe tips to help you figure out your market value and negotiate the salary that you deserve. -iMoney

Career Building

Moving on from colourful past

Mr Poon Yew Kong is part of halfway house which is also in house-moving business. -TNP

17 ways to lose friends at the office

Here are 16 things you might be doing that are ruining your chances of success at work. -AsiaOne

17 tips to working smarter, not harder

Follow these 17 rules to working smart so that you can enjoy success at the office, and still leave work in time to have dinner with your family. -AsiaOne

16 differences between successful people and others

Anyone can be successful as long as they are able to accept change and continuously learn and practise self-improvement. -AsiaOne

Out of Office

A day at the Foxconn frontline

Here is a glimpse inside Foxconn, which was affected by a series of employee suicides in 2010. -China Daily/ANN

13 most creative uses for office supplies

While there are a lot of ways to kill time at the office, one of the best ways is to make use of office stationery in unconventional ways. -AsiaOne

11 ways your first job was not what you expected

The sense of accomplishment, that hunger for success and the drive to take on the business world may just never return to you again. -AsiaOne

19 ways successful people spend their lunch break

Bad lunch habits can cause you to feel more stressed, leading to lower motivation and success at work. Here are 19 things successful people do during their lunch break. -AsiaOne


25 worst things bad bosses say

Regardless of deadline pressures or uncooperative clients, supervisors should still exhibit high levels of empathy with their workers by engaging in proper dialogues. -AsiaOne

37 things good bosses do to motivate staff

Good bosses should be able to motivate their employees, and allow them to find value in following the orders of their leader at work. -AsiaOne

10 best jobs for introverts

Archivist, astronomer, film/video editor and social media manager among good careers for introverts. -AsiaOne

20 ways your job is quietly killing you

Sitting at your office desk can get pretty cosy and comfortable sometimes, but it's really destroying your body slowly. Here are 20 secret ways your job is slowly killing you. -AsiaOne