Hot Jobs

3 jobs suffering from a high turnover rate in Singapore

The spotlight continues to be shone on a few professions which continue to suffer from high attrition rates. -MoneySmart

Singapore banks still hiring despite slowing economy

DBS and Citi have combined 1,200 vacancies; but most banks seeking mainly compliance and IT staff. -BT

Transport operators looking to hire 1,000 more rail engineers

Public transport operators and LTA have been stepping up efforts to make the job more attractive. -My Paper

VP of engineering is the best paid role in Singaporean startups: Survey

The role of VP Engineering is hard to fill and often the first "expensive" hire made by startups. -Tech in Asia

Job Hunting

10 most ridiculous resume mistakes job seekers have made

Crafting a resume takes a lot of time and effort, so don't let a typo, or worse a lie, land yours in the garbage. -CNBC

10 jobseeking tips to withstand any economic storm

Here's how to ensure you stand out from the crowd and bag a job that will be able to withstand any economic storm. -AsiaOne

3 job search mistakes many Singaporean job-hunters make

Here are three of the biggest reasons people flop at each stage of the job hunting process. -MoneySmart

Think twice before including this on your resume - because nobody cares

Unless you're a fresh grad whose resume is as empty as a crisp white Kleenex, you might want to think twice before including the following information. -MoneySmart

Career Building

Knowing vs thinking you know what you want in life

How then can we encourage youths and adults alike to pursue passion in their lives, be it on a full-time or part-time basis? -Leaderonomics

Skills the next generation of business leaders need

More is demanded from business leaders today, making the hunt to fill top jobs even more difficult. -BT

My boss just quit, what next?

If you had built a great working relationship with your manager who had tagged you for your high potential, don't panic or jump ship - at least not just yet. -BT

How an intern became VP earning $458,000 in just five years

For a young woman who had $5 in her bank account, $10,000 seemed like a fortune and the answer to all her problems. -CNBC

Out of Office

4 warning signs that you should start looking for a new job

While many Singaporeans job hop for all sorts of ridiculous reasons, there are many situations when people do not start looking for jobs when they should. -MoneySmart

Hedge fund manager fires back after sacking over wild Hamptons party

He had trashed a US$20 million home he rented from Airbnb. -CNBC

Creative offices where staff may find it harder to leave for home

Bright and funky spaces, well-stocked pantries as well as varied workstations encourage collaboration among staff in the Singapore offices of Airbnb, Twitter and Facebook. -ST

Political savvy is a skill - not a game

Avoiding office politics is like trying to avoid people. But you don't have to play dirty to be good at it. -BT


'Work from home data entry jobs'? Here's what it's really about

Some familiar sounding ones would be "Promoters Wanted", "Clerk/Admin Jobs Available", "Brand Ambassadors Needed", and of course the very predictable "Work From Home Data Entry Job". -Vulcan Post

So, you messed up at work?

Mistakes are inevitable on the job, but it's how you react that keeps you sane. -Her World

How to answer 3 tough interview questions

When asked about whether you plan to pop out a few kids, it's wise to say you wish to focus on your career for the time being. -MoneySmart

8 questions to ask before quitting your job

If the prospect of a whole year ahead is making you focus on your job situation, check out these eight questions to suss out if you should stay or go. -Her World