Trio charged for Allgreen insider trading

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has charged three people for alleged insider trading involving shares of Allgreen Properties. -BT

ValueMax CEO buys Katong freehold bungalow for $30 million

It sits on a land area of 2,453 square metres, and the price translates to about S$1,136 per square foot (psf) of land. -BT

Singapore's top 100 brands grow in value to $56 billion

DBS most valuable brand again, five others slide in value: Report

World's most expensive villa goes on sale with $1.5 billion price tag

In addition to 10 bedrooms and 30 stables, there's a 50-meter swimming pool, 35-acre botanical park and a list of noteworthy former owners and guests. -CNBC

Scared of being retrenched? 3 best ways to stay employed

While most people have no problem staying employed, it sure helps to know of some ways you can stay employed.

Brexit two months on: Markets recover but political uncertainty lingers

Markets may have calmed following the Brexit vote, but analysts are still contemplating the uncertainty surrounding the decision with the political sphere yet to find its complete footing. - CNBC

SPH unveils new integrated marketing division with changes in senior management

SPH group CEO Alan Chan called this an important move that harnesses the strengths and experience of staff across various platforms. -BT

How Apple has changed since Tim Cook took over from Steve Jobs

The Apple CEO's legacy is set to be defined by what he does in the next five years. -CNBC

Fashion guru Daniel Boey's 3-storey home is beautiful, quirky and luxurious

Daniel Boey - Singapore's "Godfather of Fashion" - has injected his fashion-fuelled home with a unique sense of style. -Home & Decor

High wages flash recession warnings in Singapore

At roughly 43 percent of gross domestic product - though below the 55 percent world average - wage costs in Singapore are now at levels which historically had preceded recessions in 1985, 1997 and 2001. -Reuters

What a 20-year-old needs to know about personal finance

Take a glimpse into how one, in his or her twenties, can start managing personal finances. -BT

She left fame to help people find homes

New homegrown app OhMyHome aims to let S'poreans handle their property transactions on their own, bypassing the middleman. Hariz Baharudin speak to its founders -TNP