Singapore index hits near 11-month high
Singapore index, boosted by better-than-expected tech earnings on Wall Street, rose to a near 11-month high. -Reuters
SMRT shares surge; SGX queries activity
The Singapore Exchange has sent a query asking the company to explain the unusual price movement. -Reuters
More than 11,000 families bought Executive Condominiums: Khaw Boon Wan
HDB dwellers made up 86 per cent of the buyers, and more than half, or 55 per cent, were second-timer households. -ST
More workers laid off in 2013, compared with 2012: MOM report
A total of 11,560 workers were laid off in 2013, up from 11,010 in 2012. In both years, this affected 5.8 workers per 1,000 employees.
Malaysian property transactions dip, but house prices continue to rise
There was a slight decrease in the sales of new launches but the number of overhang properties also dipped. -The Star/ANN
More to a good life than a fat commission
She gave up lucrative but unfulfilling sales job where she worked long hours to blog for a living. -ST
The puzzle of Singapore's weak exports
Singapore's exports have presented a puzzle of sorts to economists in the past couple of years. -ST
'The salted fish that came back to life'
School dropout battles poverty and bankruptcy to rise to the top of the heap. -ST
Traditional businesses facing tough times
High rents, labour crunch are major woes; tech not the solution for many. -ST
Accountancy body names Gerard Ee as president
The ISCA has elected a new president and three new council members. -ST
UOB named best retail bank in Asia Pacific, Singapore
The local bank was awarded the titles at the magazine's Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards 2014. -ST
Where should you save your money? Banks and their interest rates
The battle of the interest rates is back. Banks across the island have been dangling higher rates on savings and current accounts to attract new customers. -ST
The big data crunch
And what it can reveal about the health of your company. -ST
A day at the Foxconn frontline
Here is a glimpse inside Foxconn, which was affected by a series of employee suicides in 2010. -China Daily/ANN
Banks, IT firms mull moves offshore amid manpower shortage
Business parks could be hit if middle, back-end functions shift: report. -ST


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