Why Singapore has overtaken HK in economy

For a long time, Hong Kong's economic aggregates were more impressive than those of Singapore. This changed only about six years ago. -China Daily/Asia News Network

This girl is on-trend

Trend-following is trading style of high-flier Tracee Wong. -ST

How home owners can generate income after retirement

There are, in fact, three income options available to home owners in Singapore, including downsizing. -ST

Time to learn new skills and update that CV?

In light of Singapore's recent job cutbacks, what might be the 'new normal' in job-hunting may offer new opportunities. -ST

EC or condo: Which one suits you best?

In Singapore, Executive Condos (ECs) and condos almost can't be told apart by just the way they look. -GET.com

Skills the next generation of business leaders need

More is demanded from business leaders today, making the hunt to fill top jobs even more difficult. -BT

Items with colourful history add personal touch to family's Adam Road bungalow

The items in this home might have all come from different times and places, but they all have a story to tell. -Home & Decor

10 most ridiculous resume mistakes job seekers have made

Crafting a resume takes a lot of time and effort, so don't let a typo, or worse a lie, land yours in the garbage. -CNBC

5-room Pinnacle @ Duxton flat sold for record-breaking $1.12 million

The price tag for the high-floor unit works out to approximately $981.62 per square foot. -AsiaOne

Couple go for Japanese-inspired minimalist look in 5-room Choa Chu Kang flat

Take a look at this spacious 5 room resale flat in Choa Chu Kang that was given a new life by The Minimalist Society. -Cromly

India's richest man retains top spot with $31 billion fortune

Mukesh Ambani is once again India's richest person with a net worth of US$22.7 billion (S$30.9 billion). -AsiaOne

Brangelina's assets: What Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may divvy up in divorce

With an estimated combined wealth of US$400 million (S$544.50 million), this celebrity divorce is likely keep the lawyers busy. -CNBC