Average Airbnb host in Singapore makes about $5,000 a year

Worries over side effects of home-sharing have dogged sector. -TNP

GIC buys $370 million ticket to the movies in Indonesia

The Singapore sovereign wealth fund hopes to capture a slice of Indonesia's economic growth. -BT

Why does Singapore not have a mandatory retrenchment benefits scheme?

The government would rather give companies and unions the flexibility to negotiate such payments, rather than prescribing it under the law. -ST

Not enough local takers for tech jobs

Boom in ICT sector, but jobs go abegging because of skills mismatch among Singaporeans. -TNP

Rumours of sharp drop in China's yuan swirl on social media

Some currency data providers were showing that the yuan tumbled, with the dollar fetching as much as 7.49 yuan in overnight trade. -CNBC

New 'affordable' housing still unaffordable for the average Hong Kong resident

With more than 7.3 million people living in its 1,100 sq km, Hong Kong property prices have consistently ranked as the world's most unaffordable. -ST

Boss of Evolve MMA spends $500,000 on Maldives vacation for employees

Such retreats are a "normal part of the Evolve culture", its chairman says. -AsiaOne

Feline-friendly designs give couple's colourful flat the purr-sonalised touch

Feline-friendly design and furnishings take centre stage in this colourful apartment. -Home & Decor

Family feuds over fortunes and business empires: 6 cases that have grabbed headlines

Large inheritances have often resulted in pitched court battles and feuds among family members. -ST

Good Class Bungalow at White House Park sells for $25.5 million

Separately, an option to buy an Ewart Park GCB for S$19.35m is granted. -BT

4 ways to manage escalating medical premiums

Healthcare costs are expected to continue its uptrend for years to come.

Singapore's new tallest building dubbed a 'vertical city'

Tanjong Pagar Centre pips its nearest rivals by just 10 meters, with three other building in Singapore at 280 meters high. -CNBC

DBS cuts jobs across Asia at brokerage unit

All employees affected will be given opportunities to be re-deployed within the DBS Group. -Reuters

Singaporeans won't feel the pinch of higher oil prices yet

Despite jump in oil prices, Singaporeans need not worry about electricity, petrol or diesel price hike - for now. -TNP