Central banks, oil prices and China are the biggest things scaring markets

Perhaps the biggest fear of all is that the world's central banks are no longer able to rescue global financial markets. -CNBC

Why are roses so expensive during Valentine's Day?

Prices of roses can increase significantly from $2 to $10 per stalk. -Dollars and Sense

Windowless kitchen in $1.58-million EC causes woes for bride-to-be and family

A bride-to-be was shocked to discover that the kitchen in her $1.58-million Executive Condominium unit floods each time it rains. -AsiaOne

The banker at centre of Swiss bank BSI, 1MDB relationship

Yak Yew Chee handled the lucrative 1MDB account after he joined Swiss private bank BSI in Singapore in 2009. -Reuters

Pollution crisis is choking the Chinese economy

The Asian colossus is losing 6.5 percent of GDP to pollution-rated costs. -CNBC

HSBC cancels 2016 pay freeze: CEO memo

Pay rises will be funded from the bank's 2016 variable bonus pool, which was meant for bonuses paid out in 2017, the memo from Gulliver said. -Reuters

How to make more money to tide through the economy downturn

So if you, are looking for ways to make more money, here are some tips for you this year. -Vulcan Post

Hedge fund manager: China bank crisis 5 times worse than 2008 US crisis

A Chinese credit crisis would see the country's banks rack up losses 400 per cent larger than those run up by US banks during the subprime mortgage crisis. -CNBC

10 killer skills that will give you that much needed edge in 2016

Given that we're in a new year, it's only right that we equip ourselves with the right set of skills that will make us more productive and better individuals in general. -Vulcan Post

How to deal with annoying colleagues

We all have annoying colleagues. Here's how to handle them, from the perpetually grumpy to those with sticky fingers. -Her World

Google's CEO got $278 million in stock this month

Google's boss is having a good month. -CNBC

Iskandar's challenges, 10 years on

Projects taking longer gestation period amid labour crunch, but there are bright spots. -ST

Verticle wonder

The designer of this apartment made sure to showcase its unique sloping ceiling, in creating a space perfect for two, or 20. -Home & Decor

US oil prices dive below $37.50 a barrel

US crude tumbled below $27 (S$37.50) a barrel in Asia Thursday as the oversaturated market struggled to cope with high inventories in the United States and an increased output from OPEC. -AFP