Pricing standoff holds off issuance in Sing dollars

Potential issuers have been heard sounding out investors and checking market conditions to sell Singapore dollar bonds over the past few weeks. -Reuters

Stronger laws to tackle errant retailers

Consumer protection laws will be strengthened to prevent errant retailers from starting new companies. -My Paper

Mid-life crisis leads to career change

Family man gave up IT job to be property consultant, and now enjoys flexible hours. -ST

Look at earnings drivers, not just GDP

China still presents good opportunities for growth, says fund manager Philip Li from Hong Kong asset management firm Value Partners. -ST

Stock prices to move higher this year: Expert

Developed market equities likely to outperform emerging market stocks. -ST

Farmland to make way for new city

Optimism as Andhra Pradesh builds new capital, but acquisition of land a key challenge. -ST

Nippon Paint tycoon is now Singapore's richest man

Mr Goh's net worth of US$8.2 billion (S$10.8 billion) fortune far surpasses the previous number one, Mr Wee Cho Yaw, who is the largest shareholder of United Overseas Bank. -AsiaOne

All-out publicity drive to help CPF members grasp latest changes

Board looking to hire marketing and communications specialist firm to explain changes. -ST

CPF investments: Too much choice may end badly

Although there are areas in which Singapore's retirement financing system may need to be improved, the CPF system already offers more than sufficient flexibility to members who wish to take on more investment risk. -ST

Mobile technology spurring innovation in China

Mobile technologies account for about 4 per cent of China's gross domestic product. -China Post/ANN

Geylang eateries hit hard by alcohol rules

Business for some coffee shops in Geylang has fallen sharply, with the licences for some 40 coffee shops to sell alcohol being revoked. -My Paper

More professionals switching to teaching

Currently, 25 per cent of all teachers have at least one year of prior working experience, up from 15 per cent in 2002. -ST

Move to amend bankruptcy debt threshold

Proposal to help resolve debts below $15,000 without use of formal process. -ST

Open kitchens are hot

Such kitchens let home owners play host easily and maximise space in small apartments. -ST

Smaller lot size 'may not result in trading surge'

SGX's change to 100-share lot may not attract many retail investors, say experts. -ST


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Personal Finance

Enjoy life, but live within your means

Many people rely on debt to fulfil the need for instant gratification, but debt takes the waiting out of wanting, yet never the pain out of repaying. -The Star/ANN

SME Central

Eat, play, work

Several new multi-purpose spaces have popped up around Singapore, providing channels for a range of usage from events to shared workspaces. -BT