A curious combination

Fascinating objects from all over the globe enhance every corner of this beautiful house, fusing its colonial charm with its occupant's engaging personality. -Home & Decor

Who benefits from HDB's lease buyback scheme?

The Lease Buyback Scheme has been around since 2009, but the latest changes took effect on 1st April this year in order to provide more elderly households with greater flexibility. -MoneySmart

Buy insurance for children when they're born

This will help should they be diagnosed with serious health problems later. -ST

Cut down risk as retirement nears

As you approach retirement age, managing your money is more important than ever. -ST

HDB flats for even rich kids' children? Yes, let them remove their heads from the bubble and breathe normal air

For most Singaporeans, HDB living is part and parcel of being Singaporean. -ST

Greece default fears hit Singdollar, ringgit and other Asian currencies

The Singdollar was trading at 1.3531 per US dollar at around 10:05 am after ealier falling to 1.3542, down 0.5 per cent from 1.3462 at 6pm on Friday. -Reuters

10 celebrity businesses that went bust

Missteps of the rich and famous don't always end up on TMZ. -CNBC

L Capital rescues Jones the Grocer in $2.75m buy

After a period of competitive bidding, Fresh Bay emerged the highest bidder, and the sale-and-purchase agreement was signed on May 29. -BT

Greece orders banks closed for a week after run on ATMs

Banks will be closed until July 6 with a limit on ATM withdrawals. -AFP

Singapore to contribute S$338 million to AIIB

The AIIB is expected to begin operations in 2016. -AsiaOne

'Dark condos' point to supply overhang

A year after BT put together a photo essay on "dark condos", they have gone in search of an update of the situation. -BT

1 in 4 Koreans are 'working poor'

Korea struggles in dilemma over minimum wage hike, as employees suffer from in-work poverty. -Korea Herald/ANN

Why Russian startups are flocking to Singapore

The startups - which are showcasing products ranging from ultra-compact electric vehicles to video surveillance technology - are meeting local venture funds, accelerators and state agencies to explore expanding into the region. -CNBC

Task force set up to tackle grouses of Centrale 8 residents

Move comes after residents of over 350 units presented a petition to the developer. -ST

Longest run of negative inflation in six years

The consumer price index fell 0.4 per cent last month amid lower oil prices. -tabla!