Asia markets collapse as Britain looks set to leave EU

The pound collapsed more than nine per cent to US$1.3466, its weakest level since 1985. -AFP

Brexit: Everything a Singaporean needs to know

Brexit seems too far-off for many Singaporeans, but it is wise to consider the possible ramifications. -Dollars and Sense

Millionaires in Asia reach a new milestone for wealth

Asia sees an increase in the number of millionaires and their net worth despite the global downtrend and this growth is expected to continue in the next decade. -CNBC

What Asian family business owners can do when there are no heirs

About a third of Asian family business owners were considering selling the company because they could not find a successor. -CNBC

Towgay towkay built farm from scratch with just $120

The bean sprout is big business for one enterprising man who built his farm from scratch with just $120. -ST

Are the golden days of Asia-Pac banks behind them?

They are showing only modest growth and flat returns on equity after years of impressive expansion: McKinsey -BT

Counterfeit goods have no place on Alibaba: Jack Ma

Failing to protect brands is akin to thievery, and we have zero tolerance for it. -The Wall Street Journal

Troubled e-retailer Ensogo shuts S'pore operations

The online retailer Ensogo has abruptly closed its Singapore operations after its Australian unit hit massive problems back home. -ST

SingPost's ex-CEO saw pay rise to $2.78 million last year

Annual report shows Wolfgang Baier's bonus almost quadrupled to $1.78 million. - ST

Below the surface of falling prices in Singapore

The risk to sustainable growth is not deflation but a debt spiral. -ST

Why is your office always freezing?

For thousands of years, achieving a comfortable room temperature in hot climates was a constant struggle. -BBC Capital

Bynd Artisan founders wanted home that is functional and easy to clean

For Winnie Chan and James Quan the top priority in the design of their apartment is that it should be functional and easy to clean. -BT

Rent then buy - property developer dangles new lure

Leasing scheme for Lloyd Sixtyfive comes as flexible payment plans receive good response -ST

MAS closely watching UK developments

Banks here are mum on their contingency plans in the event that Britain chooses to leave the European Union, but there is a sense that much of global efforts will be focused on London, the nerve centre of forex trading in the world, and Britain's capital. -BT

Chinese boss publicly spanks employees' buttocks for "not working hard enough"

The boss hits eight workers across their buttocks four times each, and they can be heard crying out in pain. -AsiaOne