This year's best performing stock market is…Russia

The country's benchmark stock index has surged almost 27 per cent in the year-to-date. -CNBC

Apple's record close brings market cap to $775B

Apple's stock on Monday closed at a record, rising more than 2.7 percent to $133, and hitting a market cap of nearly $775 billion. -CNBC

Singapore Budget 2015: Personal income tax rebate of 50 per cent to benefit 1.5 million taxpayers

The cap has been set at S$1,000 to ensure that the benefits go mainly to the middle and upper-middle income groups. -BT

Singapore Budget 2015: Govt spending to hit 5-yr average of 19% of GDP

This is about 1 per cent of GDP higher than the revenues that Singapore has today, he said. -BT

Singapore Budget 2015: Foreign maid levy concession halved to $60 from May 2015

The changes to the levy will provide support for middle-income families that are taking care of their children and elderly parents. -BT

Singapore Budget 2015: Fees for national exams waived in Govt-funded schools

Singaporean students aged seven to 16 will receive an additional $150 top-up to their Edusave accounts on top of the annual contribution of up to $240. -AsiaOne

Singapore Budget 2015: $50 more in GST Vouchers for all Singaporeans

The GST Voucher was introduced in 2012 to help lower-and middle-income households with their expenses and utilities bills. -BT

Singapore raises taxes on rich to fund rising social spending

Singapore announced income tax rises for the top 5 per cent of the population to fund rising social spending targeted at the poor and elderly. -AFP

Few S'poreans have formal retirement plan: Survey

Income levels seem to be the key, with the survey pointing to a positive correlation between pay and saving habits. -ST

Bosses in Malaysia to give good pay rise

Another 33 per cent of employers will award between 6 per cent and 10 per cent in increments. -The Star/ANN

Budget 2015: Inclusive, with give and take for businesses: Experts

Budget 2015 revolves around the familiar themes of an inclusive Budget and improving on the social-economic infrastructure. -My Paper

Keeping a firm footing in the Year of the Goat

Investors must be nimble amid tough times for markets, say fengshui experts. -ST

Growing band of tech start-up millionaires

Since 2008, about 35 Singapore start-ups have been acquired for a total of US$530 million. -ST

5 of China's most business-minded celebrities

Chinese actress Zhao Wei and her husband bought nearly a 9.2 per cent stake in Alibaba Pictures Group for HK$3.1 billion (S$540 million), the latest regulatory filing showed. -China Daily/ANN

Surviving declining home values and increasing interest rates: SRX

A strengthening dollar usually means higher interest rates here in Singapore. This, in turn, means higher mortgage rates and monthly mortgage payments. What's a homeowner to do? -SRX


Personal Finance

Rise in number of young investors

More people are investing at a younger age due in part to the proliferation of investment clubs at universities and a plethora of online investment education resources. -ST

SME Central

'Pull through' strategy can put SMEs on world stage

The mega-mergers taking place this year will accelerate the transformation of the Singapore economy and deepen its footprint in Asia. -ST
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